The Lane

"Hi, you're Kenishiro right? I think we're in the same class, you're taking Computer Science right?" suddenly a girl asked a boy, who was busy laughing at something. He nearly choked in his breath when he answered her.

"Yeah." his words were cut short as he turned to look at who he was talking with. To his surprise, it's the girl he'd a crush on and now she talking to him. It was like one of his dream he had the other night, where. stop. she is right here talking to you, why bother trying to remember some stupid dream.

"I have a favor to ask, if that is okay with you?" she added. Kenishiro can't believe it; he began to plan on how to answer that question.

"Sure. anything,"

Oh god, that sounded so stupid. Kenishiro thought to himself, turning himself red in the face. He tried not to look so obvious that he had a crush on her.

"Actually my team needs another player. Do you bowl?" she asked.