The Clan

The Meeting

"Hi, do you know where the Computer Science faculty is?" Ruki asked to a boy who was standing in the middle of the corridor. The boy turned and smiled, "You too, I thought I was the only one who was lost."

"I'm Deri, and you are?" Deri held up his hands to Ruki,

"Ruki Kenishiro, I think we're late for class. I don't want to be late for my first day in college," Ruki replied. He went to the end of the corridor, and look up at the sign above the door. Turn to see if Deri was still standing where he was just now, seeing that he is still there, Ruki called out to him.

"Hey, I think it's this room. Come on, I think they're waiting for us," he said, turning the door handle and walk inside. Deri ran across the corridor and went inside. Both of them were relieved to notice that the lecturer hasn't started yet. He was waiting for everyone to get inside.

"Well, I guessed that everyone is already here, I think we should start now. My name is Prof. Naseem and I'll be teaching you the "art of computer science", I hope that all of you will be ready," said Prof. Naseem making the introduction.

For the next two hours, Prof. Naseem introduced the student on how to prepare for the class, how to plan out their schedule, and telling the students how important it was on focusing on their studies rather than enjoying their time on college.

When class was over, Ruki and Deri went to the cafeteria for drinks. They were walking for at least fifteen minutes before realizing that the cafeteria was just beside the library, and they had wasted ten minutes looking for it.

"So what do you about the Professor?" asked Deri and sipping his decaf mocha chino. Ruki raised his shoulder, "Well okay, I guessed. I think that he really care for his students, you know, when he talked about getting high in the finals."

"Oh gosh, I have to e-mail my dad, do you know where cyber café is? I think I left my cell phone at home," Ruki added while briskly searching in his pockets.

"Let's go together, I have to check my e-mail account." They finished their drinks and left.