You always make me cry...


By Anime Queen

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            I came out of the ladies' restroom after the movie, but couldn't find my brother in the commons. I concluded that he was still in the restroom, so I walked over to one of the arcade game machines and stared at the demo to pass the time. The character was in the process of beating up on a ninja when a really angry-looking middle-aged woman with white short hair came to glare at me in my view.

            Not sure what she wanted, I chose to ignore her, but I didn't have much time to do that.

            "You have some nerve, you," the woman hissed through clenched teeth at me, and all I could do was gape at her.

            "What did I do?" I asked. I was sure I have never seen her before in my life.

           "You knocked me down, coming out of that theater, you knocked me down!" she half-stammered, shaking with rage. I, however, did not recall any such event taking place, and kept repeating to her,

            "I haven't done anything like that."

            But she wasn't listening.

            "You need to show respect to adults, you, you, you..." she stammered some more, hissing angrily, "... you jerk!" she finished triumphantly. I spread my arms helplessly.

            "I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the movie, ma'am, but there is no need to take it out on random people," I told her quietly.

            Her head seemed like it was about to pip, and she couldn't talk anymore. She just stood there, with narrowed eyes, her whole body trembling. I started backing down towards the wall, hoping to avoid all contact with this psychotic person.

            "Hey lady," a male voice interrupted the silence, tapping the woman on her shoulder. She didn't have time to fully turn around before the man's bulk smashed into her, making her fall over. "It was I that knocked you down," the rugged man with long brown hair smirked.

            "Relkin... what are you doing?" I demanded, horrified, when I met his gaze.

            "Don't worry," he winked, and switched his attention back to the woman, who was in the slow process of getting up.

            "How... how dare you?!" she screamed, attracting a few curious glances from strangers. Her face was distorted with malice and she was breathing quickly and heavily.

            "I'm just getting warmed up," Relkin cocked his head to one side, "I hate nasty troublemakers."

            I pushed off from the wall and caught his fist before it made contact with the woman's face.

            "That's enough, you're going to cause more trouble," I pleaded, clinging onto his hand, standing in between him and the woman.

            "Playing nice isn't going to work in this situation," he sighed, "I'm sorry, but backing off is not an option."

            "I don't want her to get hurt," I whispered, "it's all a misunderstanding," I shook my head.

            "The only ones," the voice came harsh and cold from behind me, "getting hurt... will be you!"

            After the sharp click of something metal, I wasn't sure what happened. Relkin moved fast, breaking out of my grasp, and disappearing from my sight. I turned around slowly.

            Relkin was on top of the woman, who was struggling and kicking, trying to get a hold of a tiny revolver in her flailing hand. I had guessed it had just gone off, and covered my mouth with both my hands to stifle a cry. There were a lot of onlookers now, and theatre security was in the process of disengaging the two on the floor.

            Relkin stumbled from the scene, handing the woman's gun to a police officer, briefly explaining what happened.

            "Are you okay?" I came up to him, wincing at my comment when I saw his eyebrow bleeding from a gash in his skin. He grinned a little and pointed to the wound.

            "Just barely grazed me," he said, as if it was a mere scratch. I was on the verge of tears.

            "You idiot!" I screamed at him, "You should have listened to me!"

            He shook his head, and came up closer to me.

            "Some things are worth fighting for."


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