By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began on a Sunday--
And it had began in a really big way,
For a Baldwin-Wallace student
Named Jason Kent
Has been working in his makeshift lab all day.

After he had finished his project,Jason
Had called the dean and asked for his permission
To present his project to the entire school.
And after Jason had told him about how cool
It was going to be,the dean had gave the green light to Jason.

And so,about a few minutes later,Jason had rolled something
Into the auditorium and pulled the tarp off of the item that he was calling
A time cube,which was a device that was in a shape
Of a cube and able to allow anyone to escape
To any era of time,in order to do some scientific observing.

But then,after the crowd had laughed at him,Jason had decided
To ask for a volunteer to step into the time cube and started
It heading into the future or the past.
Just after Jason and his two volunteers stepped into the cube,it started to go fast.
And after it had finally stopped,no one knew for sure where it had landed.

But just then,after Jason had opened the door and took a peek outside,
He had spotted something that might make him want to run and hide,
For what he had spotted was a T-Rex doing battle with a dinosaur
Known as a Tricerotops and it was a battle that no live human eyes had seen before
A certain Jason Kent invented a machine to travel through time and tide.

Suddenly,after he has spotted the dueling dinosaurs
Heading towards them,Jason had gotten himself and the others out before
The dinos had smashed the time cube into tiny bits of junk and caused them to
Climb up a tree away from harm's reach and ponder what to do
Now,for they had found themselves trapped in the world of the dinosaurs.

Just then,after the dinos had taken their fighting elsewhere,
The stranded travelers had climbed down the tree and started roming without a care
To a place where they would be totally safe from anymore predators of their savage
New home and they've found it in a cave which had been ravaged
By a creature that had appeared from out of nowhere.

Then suddenly,after they had entered the cave and began to look over their new digs,
One of the two volunteers,Linda Goldblum had spotted something that was not so big
As a T-Rex,but was just as deadly,for she had spotted a Raptor
And she had screamed at the top of a human's lungs as it was moving towards her
And prepares to devour her with its teeth that were so big.

But then,the second of the two volunteers,Adam Cushing had ran over
To Linda and shoved her
Out of the way,only to have himself become the Raptor's new main course.

And after it was done feasting on Adam's newly-dead carcess,the Raptor
Was about to use both Linda and Jason for a second course encore.
But instead of letting that happen,Jason had lit a makeshift torch and
Flung it at the Raptor's face with his own hand.
After that,a strategic retreat had became a good idea to the Raptor.

And then,after the Raptor had finally disappeared from sight,
Linda wrapped her arms around Jason and began wishing for the day of fright
To finally end and to be returned to her true era in time.
But then,after they had looked at each other's eyes for a short time,
They've kissed each other on the lips until day has turned into night.

And with that,both Jason and Linda had decided to remain together
In the era of the dinosaurs as husband and wife--forever.
And if anyone asks whatever happened to the one who had stepped into
The time cube and became its first time-traveling trio,
Just look for the wreckage and you'll might find some answers there.