Quotations Bodacious

It's not enough that life's short as hell, in which people get angry at everything that gets in their way. Shake It off Bitch. It's just a teddy bear.

-Sam (I want you BISH).

Pot seems too good to be bad.


I hate haters.


I want to want you.


You Suck Cock.


Not good enough though, explains why you cant get a guy.


We Shunt be having sex with you. (Scottish accent)


You have more crack then Harlem (referring to the ass)


To stop a crime, put me in the way, Im so handsome, even the criminal would have to take a gander.



-Iman (Muah Hun…WUB YOU!)

The first Muslim sk8er.


Am I cute as you?


You act too homo to be a homophobic.