From her eyes,

A raging inferno covers my eyes

That blanket of fire rendering me blind

Through your words you pierce my heart

Leaving it to bleed alone in the dark

The merciless caress of your laugh

Shuns me away, alone and afar

What am I to do, but to follow you blind,

For this is my home, for I have nowhere else to go

You have cast me away in this turbulent sea,

And I am willing to drown, if only that would make you pleased.

From my eyes,

A raging kaleidoscope flutters over my eyes

That blanket of colour rendering me helpless

Through your words did you touch my heart

Leaving it soft, vulnerable, open for you.

The merciful caress of your laugh

Childhood gaze and smile

Shuns me afar.

What am I to do, but to follow in your footsteps

Your path that cut short ever so

My heart is your home, the place you longed to be,

I wish you would hear my cries

Other than the calling whisper of the wind.

You have cast me through a warm bed of sea

I would have rescued you and spoke to you

My infinite words of love and compassion

And reminded you,

Everything's not lost.

My warm embrace would have calmed

Your racing heart and cool soul.

I may know you not, yet I love you

For your way with flowing words

And yearning heart

Searching, searching for the one

The sensitive and truehearted one.

If only I could show you,

This could have been me…