I give unto you my dying poisons;
A poison you know,
But when I give you take without qualms.
For what reason you wish to end,
A mortal guilt bestowed upon a mortal life,
Bringing a vessel's desire to seek death.
I know your pain for I own compassion,
With a vehement sense of abhorrence I feel.
Hate, such hate you have become....
You cannot pull yourself away from
The agonizing life before death;
Death sought after life,
Floating among the mists of the crowd.
Just halt and look above,
You will see me standing above you
Upon the edifice with a half-empty chalice.
The black wings of the archangel is stretched,
Wide with feathers to touch the moon....
And with my sword as my venom,
I only strike to take;
You are already an empty cadaver,
Decaying from life and ready to fall.

To whom has the sight
To see into the darkness
Passed the dawning haze?
Toss the light to make it clear again,
Ignore all other diversions ahead
For they are no longer obligatory;
Just cast yourself amongst the gloom,
A darkness you're willing to take;
Sacrifice your precious light
To become the altar's lamb.
Dancing daggers meet the eye,
To see the world in the way
It has become.

Dark, rampant, no light to be seen;
Yet I wander with an aimless destination.
Twist your spine to look up at me,
Tear it out and wrap it around your wrist.
A chain digging into your knuckles....
Blood, deep into your flesh,
Flowing like the crimson rivers,
Rusted and obsolete.
Scarlet lust I seek,
Life you sought after alone....
So I shall be your guide and harbinger
From one life to the next.