Broken soul

She's a broken soul
You can tell by the hunger in her eyes
Starving but refusing to eat
Pouring forth the loneliness
Of a broken heart
She bares his scars
On flesh and spirit
Pockmarked by his will
Holding her down keeping her bound to him

She's a broken soul
you can tell by the tears on her cheek
the lies run deep and pain is over bearing
she dying there
even as she tucks the hair
behind her ear and smiles
'I'm OK'
but fear in her nerves
chokes the words in her throat
as his arm comes down and bares her away

She's a broken soul
You can tell by the way she resists
As if the world were to see
What his lies came to be
All the violence and hate
All the abuse and disgrace
She's like a balloon
blowing away in the wind
Longing for a hand to come by
And grab hold of her string
Or a heart with some love
To call up her kin
And lead them to know
How she suffers with him
How she should have listened
Or took in what they said
To acknowledge the look in his eyes
That he's mad

She's a broken soul
A balloon without a hand
An innocent child in the arms of a man

* hi ya . ok now that you've read the poem go to this site and look at this picture and leave a comment with the artist her work is so brilliant and the pic this link goes to fits the poem perfectly .Thanki* ~Nat