December 19, 2003

6:50 a.m.


You told me it was

Crazy-cool. Romantic,

It was the perfect place to start again.

We marveled—

The jazz, the strangers,

Everything worn out and


It was shy at first,


Then easy again.

I remembered what your laugh looked like.

Two chairs

Three words

Dance with me?

Why not.

Shiver down, shale.

Too easy to get lost in words.

Your breath, my ear

I wasn't ready

But why am I still


A/N: I'm using "shale" in the verb (transitive? I suck at grammar. I just write what makes sense.) form. Meaning: to take off the shell or coat of.

Sorry for this randomness (and, uh, lack of meaning.) Was sitting down (couldn't sleep) thinking of everything and nothing in particular. And, well, voila?