Disclaimer: The PPC doesn't belong to me, and neither does any fandom or work of badfic mentioned. The DIA appears courtesy of Artemis.

Ginger rubbed her eyes as she sat slumped over her desk.

"The spork or the Bleepka? Gata, would it be better for me to get horribly drunk or spork out my eyes?"

Her partner pondered this. "I think that perhaps you should go play a violent game that involves dismembering people. It has always worked for me in the past, when I have been in the Sorting Room."

"I think I might go for the Bleepka. At least it'll remove the memories."

"What horror did you have to read this time?"

"That 'Erotic Diary of a Young Raccoon'. I finally sent it to Bad Slash, but really, that was horrible. Beyond horrible."

"Then, yes, I think the Bleepka is a good idea. Do not, however, cause me to take you to Medical for over-imbibement."

"Don't worry, I'll get someone else to do it. Think I should try the bar or the fountain?"

"Perhaps the fountain. Have a good time, Ginger."

"Thanks, Gats." Ginger walked down the hall, trying to mentally cleanse her mind from the bad mental images. She had been in the Sorting Room for just one day, and already she could feel the stability of her mind disintegrate.

Her mind drifted to the story as she walked, and she soon found herself banging her head against the wall, near the PPC Bleepka Bar. 'Well, not exactly what I wanted, but it'll work'

She opened the door and saw that it was relatively empty. What few agents were there waved to her before turning back to their drinks.

"Dorf, I'll have a double or three."

"You were in the Sorting Room today, weren't you?"

"Yep. NC-17. Where's my drink?"

Dorf, the bartender put the large glass down in front of her. "Drink up, Ginger."

Ginger swallowed half the glass in one gulp. She paused and enjoyed the fading of the mental images. "Aaah, that hits the spot."

As she was involved in the process of draining the second half, a younger agent sat down next to her. He sighed heavily. "Bartender, I'll have a double."

"Kid, I'd advise you to not sit next to Ginger. She likes her personal space."

"I'm at least two feet away from her."

"Then three more feet should do it. She can't hold her Bleepka, and she gets very violent."

"I can take her."

"I don't want my bar broken up. Move away before she finishes her drink."

It was too late. Ginger flinched away from the other agent and then glared at him. In a slightly slurred voice she growled, "Could you please move?"

The agent, by then feeling like he really could take a tipsy, emaciated looking woman, glared back. "I don't think so. Why don't you?"

"Because I was here first, kid. You need to move now. Haven't you ever heard of common courtesy?"

"I'm two feet away from you, lady. How much farther do you need me to be?"

The other agents in the bar noticed the confrontation and silently slipped out the door. They had seen Ginger in action before, and they already had enough scars from the experiences.

She stood up to her full height, staring down at him. "Agent, if you want to live to shee another day, then please move away from me."

Meanwhile, Dorf crouched behind the bar.'Not again. I just finished cleaning this place up from the last time. At least the DIA will be here soon.'

The other agent stood up. "Listen, Ginger, I'm not going to move, not for the S.O. himself!"

Ginger moved quickly, punching him in the stomach before he had a chance to defend himself. He countered with a punch to her jaw, and then the fur (or wispy red hair) flew.

PPC agents have not been taught to fight cleanly. They use any means they can to reach their goal, and Ginger protects her personal space with the ferocity of an OOC Legolas whose 'Sue is being threatened.

The two agents were bleeding as the DIA pried them apart. "Fighting again, Ginger? This time we really are going to get you before the Hyacinth."

The other DIA agent frowned at her. "If this continues, we may even have to bring you before the Tiger Lily."

"I don' care. Just let me take the Bleepka I paid for."

Dorf handed over a half-full bottle, and the DIA pulled Ginger off into the depths of Headquarters.