Stone in the river

We've walked a long way
To get where we are together
The light is but a shadow
Graying down the hues of my life
The rainbows have faded away
I am a bubble of hope in your heart
And you smile as you pick me up
and toss me into the river
Hoping I continue to skip
Beyond the count of three

I feel the waves of depression
Washing over me as I skip
And the world turns against me
Everything is dark
Even the grayness is gone
And the feel of your hand
But a distant memory fading
As the sun sets on my future
You flung me away released me
from the freedom of youth and innocence
tossed me out into the world to become myself

And there's life up ahead
A light cold yet growing stronger
Calling to me as I skid
On the surface of darker beginnings
And endings that drag on
For life times of pain and worlds of pure hatred
A spirit flown free of the heart
Yet still trapped by the brain
Urging the body to struggle
Through the rain and storms this life blows against you
Keep you eyes on that distant shore
a pinpoint to hold on to
a last beacon of love awaiting
just across the river you skip

And the world grows cold
The air stale
And the hope fades away
as you float on the tides
swept beyond bounds of your fantasies
and into the world
you sink
just another stone in the river
with wild currents rushing away down stream
sheltered against those bigger than you
stronger than you better than you
but they're at the bottom too