So all faith is lost
as more broken dreams
and sinking hopes settle down around you
each with their own story to tell
eyes filled with tears
more drops to add to this river
but to make the currents change
some small voice must rise up
like air bubbles from the bottom of a pond
a sign that somewhere below
someone is still breathing

This is a story
of working your way up
A tale well told
About never giving up
Of dreaming bigger dreams
And trusting who you can
Of remembering all those
who have given you a hand
helped you reach beyond your wildest dreams
of magic and dancing beauty queens
of presidents, doctors ,artists
and al star teams

somewhere along the road
you will cease to skip
and find your self on the bottom
looking back on your trip
wondering why you fell
or never made it to the top
why you detoured or came to a full stop
who could have pushed you
or turned you the wrong way
why would they make up a game so hard to play

well listen up kids
this is not a game
the object of this life
is to go beyond three
beyond where your parents stopped
beyond the beauty queens
beyond the all stars
beyond your wildest dreams

Never be a stone in the river
Keep going learn to fly with out wings
Even a beauty queen needs to do other things
Don't give up on the long shot
because the short cut is closer
don't leave friends behind
even if its over
always respect those who came before
and remember, you can open any door.
~ Nat