The Difference Between Finding and Being Found

I must have guessed think that she'd respond any differently than the rest...I figured the law of average might save me this time around. Too bad though. I was so sure sure that I had found the right one. I guess I'm just screwed when it comes to this stuff. Maybe it's not even worth it...

A door swung open directly in front of the boy, who walked obliviously down the hall, lost in his own thoughts. He stopped abruptly, letting the other students file out of the stairwell, instead of pushing his way through. When it seemed as though the procession had ended, he took a step forward. However, he had misjudged.

"Oops. I'm sorry. Go ahead," he said as he stepped out of her way. He continued his journey downstairs to the cafeteria, not looking back. Consumed by thoughts of rejection and self-deprecation, he mindlessly went through his daily routine of dropping his backpack off at the lunch table, going to the bathroom, and returning to the table afterward. He ate his lunch silently, waiting for his friends to arrive.

"Hey, what's wrong?" asked one of his friends, sitting down beside him.

"The usual..." said the boy, bowing his head slightly.


"You know..."

"Oh...girls, eh? Well, what happened?"

"I just got rejected this weekend...again...I think it's been at least seven times."

"Well you're still young. You'll find the right one eventually."

"I don't know about that..."

"Don't be so hard on can't give up this early. Just keeping looking, okay?"

"I guess..."

The girls at the table talked, the boys joked around, and occasionally everyone laughed at something one of the boys had said. Soon, the period ended. The boy floated through the next couple of periods, and found himself on the way to the second to last class of the day, with a sense of faint hope. He felt happy as he noticed one of his friends. He walked next to her and struck up a conversation.

"Hey. How are you doing?" he asked.

"Pretty good...are you feeling better than you did last night?" she replied.

"Yes, alot better actually."

"Oh good! You know, you worry me sometimes...see you later."

They went their separate ways, and he starting walking up the stairs, thinking about the conversation he had with this friend the night before. As he walked alone, he saw another familiar face. He walked by a girl he knew from another one of his classes. Being caught up in his love life (or lack thereof), he never really had talked to her, so he didn't make an effort to greet her. He just glanced at her for a split second, noticing that she looked back at him. Suddenly, a random piece of the past night's exchange shot into his head...

You worry too much about everything. Stop yourself. Stop trying to force things out of nowhere. You really should just wait for someone to find you anyway. Trust me...the moment you stop worrying about it, something's going to happen. Just relax and let life happen...that's all you have to do.

"Maybe you're right," the boy said to himself as he walked on, "life can have its surprises after all..."