Fall was coming, and the air was crisp.

There was only one bad thing about the adorable teddy bear sitting in her room now.

Allison was walking home when she noticed it. A faintly sour smell that permeated the air for a brief second, then dissipated as soon as it came.

Then she noticed the table out in the middle of the street, and the bored looking teen vendor sitting by it. It was strangely placed in someone's yard, and Allison thought it odd that no one had gone out of the house to complain at him.

He did not look like he belonged in the upscale neighborhood, scruffy with blatantly yellow hair and slitted eyes hiding behind blue glasses. He continued to ignore her, and emboldened, she inspected his wares.

Besides from the usual jewelry and unremarkable trinkets, there were a few stuffed animals, and one teddy bear in particular caught her eye. It was plush purple, with beautiful glass blue eyes. It looked clean and well maintained, and making a cooing noise she reached out for it.

With a quick move the boy grabbed her wrist, the cold look in his eyes stopping her for a moment before he smiled and released her.

"You interested in the bear?" he asked, and in a few moments it was all over.

As Allison walked home again, she felt slightly cheated, as the bear had only cost a few scant dollars rather than the usual haggling that she expected from the street vendor to go through. It now nestled warmly in her arms, and its eyes would glitter in the sun.

The only bad thing, she mused, is the way it seemed to move around the room. It would occasionally be on the floor or a different shelf than she normally put it on. But Allison, like all rational teens, simply chalked it up to something innocuous as her mother coming in and cleaning.

It would have been perfectly acceptable, if she did not wake up.

For then she would not have felt the light weight on her chest in the middle of the night.

For then she would not have seen the crystalline blue eyes staring in to hers.