Just because I don't walk your path
Doesn't mean that I'm lost
My path may be rocky
And all too rough
But that's the way I like it
It may have potholes
That cause my care to flip entirely
A concussion is such a small price
To pay for the adrenaline rush
I don't expect you to understand
Your paved heaven has paralyzed you
From experiencing living life
And loving every moment of the down time
You can kick me while I'm on my knees
Crawling back to my hole in the ground
And I'll just laugh, hysterically
Right there in your air brushed face.
And as I cough my blood upon your shoes
I'll find one last gasping breath
So I can comfort you.one last time
Tell you to go on without me,
Tell them all that I've died
Walking down your "paved paradise"
It's your fault I'm littering the side of this road
But, it's ok, you can tell them that
I brought it all upon myself
I really didn't mind the tarnished path
Cold, dark, dirt covering my shoes
An inch thicker with each new step
I so carelessly take, spontaneity
Is the key to survival on my path
Screw your cautious ways
I was fine 'til you forced me down
Your stupid flawless pathways
Wrapped a chain around my throat
And jerked it until I succumbed
I'd rather die on my knees laughing
With a cold, sinister gun pressed forcefully
To my accepting temple
Than to die comfortably upon
A bleach-white hospital bed that reeks
Of disinfectant and blood
At least then I'd know
I died for a cause.
My path leads somewhere.
Death, the only real guarantee
Yours...well you're just doomed
Your fucked up ideas and goals
Of reaching perfection is leading
All of you straight to Hell
So enjoy the ride.I'll miss you all.