I am already gone

Take your time
With me young boy
My heart is sealed in arctic ice
The cold has seeped through me
My blood is frozen fire
Warming only to your touch
Do it slowly and with care
For someday I wont be here

As far as you know I am already gone
Just glazed eyes from bruised cheeks shine
Rosy with the tint of blood beneath
My hands are stiff but I was never soft
No, not for you would I release
That crystal hope within my soul
Too delicate to be breathed upon
Glimmering from this frozen waste
Seeping out with tears to mar my face

I am already gone
Walking the path to my next life
Enjoying what it is to breathe again
With out the feel of your fire hot hand
Closing smoothly on my neck

Looking back you never loved me
Only what I had to offer
That physical heap of flesh
So weak compared
To who I am underneath
But what you never saw
And never will see
Is what exist inside of me

Take your time with me young man
Linger over your handy work
Enjoy the look of fear on my face
Frozen like a mask
Frozen like a mountain peak
Frozen like the heart in me you did seek

I am already gone
And this form shall melt away
Like ice in the heat of day
When shadows cling
To things unseen
And I from shallow grave will sing
Of frozen hearts and souls set free
And evil deeds you've done to me

Don't fear the smile on my face
I am already gone
As my eyes widen
As the last breath hisses out
Send me on all the quicker
By forgetting your doubt
Ignore the look of sadness
In my clouded brown eyes
Enjoy the feel of release
As my ravaged body dies

Close my eyes and all will be forgotten