My eyes can't stand to see your face

I hate you more and more each day

I just want to get up and run away

But the pain I feel can't be erased

What's the point when life must end?

Why is it I have no friends?

What did I do to deserve this pain?

Does god truly want to make me insane?

I'm getting near my breaking point

Soon I'll snap like crooked joints

You'll see nothing but a blur

A blackened cloud that whips and whirs

Psychotic rampage drawing nigh

I just can't wait to fucking die

You'll see the sadness in my eyes

I really hope you fucking cry

You never saw it coming bitch

I'm just another scratch to itch

Will you even know I'm gone?

Will it be hard to carry on?

Will you stare at pictures of me

Sobbing never endlessly?

Or will you smile and laugh with glee

Happy to be rid of me?

Why does time change who we are?

How have we gotten this far

Without the souls to guide us here

In our darkened hearts of fear?

My eyes can't stand to see your face

You've left me to die in this holy place

The church is cold and abandoned tonight

It's the perfect place to end my life