Hello fans and haters alike.you have no doubt noticed that I rarely write anything happyand alasthat again will not happen at the present timeinstead of songs, I am in a dark poetry frame of mindso there is still something different to be found.thanks for comingand review my work.or I will track you down and ass-rape you until you either dieor actually decide to review.Lots of Love.J


Life is just too real for me

Could this really all be just a dream?

A dream from which we might wake up

Would we all still be just as fucked?

I wish into the future I could see

To know if I should hide in the past

The blade feels so cool against my skin

Am I making this decision way too fast?

I know my friends would be upset

If I had any that would truly care

But I know that they're really laughing at me

Wallowing around in my total despair

Well soon I'll be done with all that shit

I'll show them, and be proud of it

And though I'm never coming back

It's worth the life I've always lacked.