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Chapter Three

Taking the bus ride home was murder. Girls were screaming, boys were fighting, and I was doing all I could to keep my mind off of him. I looked out the window, watching the scenery flash by but not really taking it in. At last, I heard the tires squeal softly and slow to a stop.

I flew off the bus, not bothering to say good-bye to the mob of little girls I babysat for and nearly tripping on the steps down. Snow was gently falling onto my cap as a slid down the street, literally. I reached my deck and finally fell. I assumed God was telling me to calm down and breathe, since my lungs felt like they were deflating. Slowly, I climbed back onto my feet, shook off the snow, and put my key into the hole.

I calmly took off my coat, hat, and shoes, and waltzed to the computer, which gathered a few odd looks from my family. I sat at the computer and rapidly typed in my email and password. At last, the computer *bing* reached my ears and I scanned the screen so fast my vision blurred. Nothing. No pop-up screen asking if I should add this person. Not even a conversation box. I slouched in my chair, disappointed.

At last, Laura got on. Her conversation box popped up within seconds of her signing in.

"Well?! Did he add you?!" her blue-green typing read.

"No." Was my simple reply. There was silence on her end of the connection. Then, I saw that she was typing.

"Maybe he just hasn't gotten home yet!" she tried, hoping that would lift my spirits. No matter how much I fought it.my spirits were much more than lifted. I was exhilarated.

"Yeah! Maybe you're right!" I added several happy smiles after that. After almost an hour of anxious waiting, the big moment came.

I heard the sound effect of bongos being played and then I saw that "Hank" wanted to add me. I was so blissful that a giggle escaped my lips. I felt so purely happy that I wanted to sprout wings and fly away. Then, I realized I had been staring at my screen for about 3 minutes without actions. Laura's window was flashing and beeping like crazy. I checked the "Accept" button and opened Laura's window to tell her the good news.

Then.someone signed in. Someone with the name "Hank". Hank had just signed on.

I clicked on the box and then paused. I couldn't look to eager. I waited. It seemed to take forever. I was unaware of how long I waited, and then finally, I typed in "Hey". I stared fervently at the blank box, even though Laura's box was beeping infuriatingly.again. I kept my eyes glued to the screen, wanting to swallow his words with my eyes. Hoping that he would actually respond and not just ignore me.

Finally, he replied, "Hi." I practically died. I clicked back to Laura's window. It was filled with 'hello's and 'where are you's. I told her about how he added me and what she said. Her response sounded as though she had died in her chair as well. Then his window flashed with color. I stopped in mid sentence to go back to him. "What's up?" it read. More excited dieing.

"Not much, you?" I said, trying to sound cool.

"Same here.are you going to the dance on Friday?" He asked. My heart must have had 3 consecutive heart attacks.

Once I regained regular breathing, I forced my fingers to type "Yeah, are you?" I clicked back to Laura to share the recent developments of the discussion. She seemed just as (if not more) excited than I was. My heart beat right out of my chest, but forced my hopes under a sheet of logic. I could not let myself believe that this was happening.

The bing reached my ears. The rectangle labeled 'Hank' was flashing lime green and then turning grey again. I licked my lips even though they weren't dry and slowly moved my mouse icon to the box. I clicked.

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