The Battle of Day

The daylight slithers from eyes sight
Lofty, flimsy clouds suspend above heads
The sky seemingly indivisible has severed
Pure golden sky and the malicious blood red

Golden as once was unsoiled innocence
Innocence that rivaled an angel's tears
Now humanity thirst for power, revenge
Has brought upon us pain, evil, and fear

The immense clash of these two spirits
The almighty earth to tremble beneath
Nature itself quivers in awe, shaken by horror
A deadly beautiful chase to see

As the greedy scarlet conquers all innocence
The golden sky defends and braces
But purity has been stained but our hands
We watch helplessly as the light plunges

Our innocence has slowly weaken
Tainted, polluted but we brushed off the cries
With man-made machine, creating phony clouds
That allows us to sail in the deep ocean of sky

The crimson is victorious as the sky bleeds
Innocence vanished struggling to find genuineness
May it search eternally and discover naught
Watch it evaporate into nothingness

This war far from the end the worst yet to arrive
The immorality of humanity shall seize its success
Powerlessly we watch as the shadow overtake swiftly
Our last flicker engulfed into darkness

Humanity's last chance