Her ear pressed on the sand,
drenched in wicked light--
seaweed brittles,
drying against her skin--

was I your destruction?
did I humble you too quickly
under the power of my world?

He promised her a year
but she,
living in time measured by tides,
waited until she thought it was right
then slid back through the sea
(that was around her and in her
her breath, her mother,
somehow, her child)
to take him back

she is the only one who cannot hear his bones singing
the only one who cannot feel his fibers being absorbed
by the thirsty earth

(the ocean speaks too)

If you come back
I will take you into my womb of water
and your birth will be more beautiful
than ever before.


sinking again,

into the bewildered loneliness
of her cornflower ocean
bubbles kiss her mouth goodbye,
they rise to greet the sun

oh mother,
I lost him.

She spirals down.
Eternity rises to meet her.