HI All,

Wow, it's been so long since I have visited fictionpress!

I wanted to update you all as to my books. Clearly I have not been writing new stories for Fictionpress, and it's because my novels have been occupying so much of my time.

Since my debut novel, Prada & Prejudice, released in 2009, I've had several other books come out—from Penguin, Harlequin and Flux.

Here are my current releases:

2009—PRADA & PREJUDICE, Penguin, in which a teen girl ends up in 1815 where she must deal with an arrogant, totally infuriating earl

2010—DRIVEN, a novella for Harlequin's NASCAR series, about the sole female mechanic in NASCAR falling for a member of a rival team

2010—YOU WISH, Penguin, in which a girls previous 15 birthday wishes all come true, but they MUST STOP, because one of them is for Ben to kiss her—and Ben is her best friend's boyfriend

2011—RIPPLE, Penguin, in which a teenage siren accidently kills the only boy she's ever loved and must now deal with the fallout

2011—BUT I LOVE HIM, flux, writing under the pen-name Amanda Grace, about a girl's year with her abusive boyfriend, told in reverse chronological order

2012—IN TOO DEEP, flux, writing under the pen-name Amanda Grace, in which a girl becomes involved in a dark lie which spirals out of control

August, 2012—DANGEROUS BOY, Penguin, in which a girl falls for her perfect new boyfriend—but he has a sinister twin brother who is harboring some dangerous secrets

As you can see, I've been busy, which is why I haven't been able to update fictionpress. But I just wanted to take the time,a gain, so say with absolute sincerity: THANK YOU. You guys gave me support and encouragement way back in 2003-2005, and I may not have stuck with it without you.

I've left these stories up because they continue to be read, but I recognize that they are not on the same skill level as where I'm at now. I hope you forgive the typos and weak spots.

You can see my current releases at my website, Mandyhubbard dot com, or follow me on twitter for the latest news: MandyHubbard

Thanks, you guys. 3