A Romantic Gift
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was in the year 1981 that Henry Stewart,
A young aspiring actor had recieved a gift apart
From the other presents that his family
Had given him ever since 1963,
For the gift that he had recieved was a work of pure art.

It was a theater poster for the movie
Entitled 'American Graffiti',
Which was a love story that directed by
George Lucas,the Star Wars guy
And it was set in the early 1960s.

After he had recieved the present,Henry had
Closed his eyes and began to imagine a 1962 pad
With him in the role of Steve Bolander
And Cindy Howard,who had given her
Newfound love as Laurie Henderson,who loved Steve more than a tad.

And after they had sat down and were enjoying their Big Macs,
They were enjoying listening to Wolfman Jack,
Who had been playing the XERB Disc Jockey
In the 1973 Comedy Drama movie.
And believe me,there's no one better than Wolfman Jack.

And then,after they had looked at each other
For a minute or two,Henry had kissed her
Ever so passionately on the lips.
And after he had placed his hands on her hips,
Henry had danced with Cindy from one room to another.

But suddenly,just as he was about to give her
Another kiss,he had felt a tap on his shoulder.
And after he had snapped out of his fantasy rift,
He saw that it was Cindy,who had asked,"Isn't it quite a romantic gift?"

"It certainly is.",answered Henry,who had looked at Cindy,
Let out a smile and placed his hand on her cheek."A real beauty.
Just like you--and I'll always be with you forever."
And with that,Henry had kissed Cindy on her
Lips and said,"Merry Christmas,Cindy."

And after she had smiled at her cute little schmoo,
Cindy said,"Merry Christmas to you,too."
And then,after she had put a tape of the soundtrack into the tape player,
Henry had started dancing with her
The whole day through.

And in a way,they both were acting like the characters in the movie
That had made the year 1962 seem so very groovy.
And even if they do go their sperate ways,
Both Henry and Cindy would always remember that one day
That they had enjoyed a romantic moment inspired by 'American Graffiti'.