Snow White ate her poisoned apple and Prince Charming brought her back to life. That's the way things are in fairy tales. Love is at first sight, a kiss – the hight of romance and "once upon a time" is a synonym for "happily ever after". They are the rules of a story.

But we all know that fairytales aren't real – no more than lies conjured up to silence children as they tug on your collar whining 'tell me a story' when you tuck them into bed. Oh, precious little things.

"Did the Prince kiss Snow White?"
"Yes pumpkin."
"Did she come back to life."

"Yes pumpkin."

But you know that she didn't wake up; don't you Mr All-Grown-Up-and-Too-Old-to-Believe-in-Santa? Of course you do – it's the reason why your 'pumpkin' is telling you the story of Snow White and her Seven Dwarves, it's the reason why you can't believe in fairytales.