Fate of Flowers: Not She

Glass lay in shards across the Prince's Chambers with dissimilar pieces sticking out of the Princess' body in a toothed grin.

"Snow White, Snow White… where are you?"

Someone took her while I was gone - only a day but the sun seemed to hover longer than usual. The dwarfs! Those filthy little maggot munchers probably have their grubby little fingers all over her! Couldn't have their way with her when she was awake eh? What would it take - all seven of their abbreviated dicks to adequately fit her pussy? Bastards! What have you done with my bride? I know it was you - you're the only ones who knew where she was. But why now - why not before. Looks like an invitation

"I'll find you my love - I guess in most stories there is a rescue to do before a marriage."

He looked at his hands. There were various cuts all over them. Prince Charming, when he first saw It, he thrusted his fist through the glass coffin driving several shards of glass into the eyes of the corpse and causing some unordered scratches on the face that didn't really bleed - just oozed a little. There was a murky half solidified liquid squeezing itself out of the gaps in the flesh where her eyeballs were meant to be, Prince Charming hardly noticed. Where is my Snow White? God damn you where is my bride? She's not a dwarfs' toy - she's royalty and they touch her; replaced her with THIS! Tell me decomposing midget fucker - where is she?

He wrapped his fingers around a long pointed slide glass in frustration and settled himself into a position to plunge it into It's chest but he stopped, scrutinising the details of It's face as if it was familiar - he sniffed. The obscenity is wearing your cloths - I guess you might want this dress back - and everything else under that.

With a sigh, he artlessly lifted off the lid of the coffin and sat It up. Prince Charming loosened the lacing on her corset with his middle and index finger until it slackened its grip on It's torso.

The Dwarfs - dressing This in your clothes is reason enough to want them dead. Thought they could fool my with any dark haired and fair skinned woman did they? For a start Snow White didn't have a beetle that made residency in her mouth. Couldn't even get that right. Pathetic little men.

He continued removing the rest of her garments and undergarments until It was completely naked. He lovingly put the clothes into his bed, arranging them in the order they would have been worn and in shape of a woman's body. He promptly lay down beside and let his fingertips explore the alternating textures of the fabric. His head fell onto where her breasts would have been and he inhaled. A sodden and musty smell - much like that of salty swamp filled his nostrils and the Prince began the cough. It has ruined your cloths. These need to be washed - Maria can take care of that, but she mustn't see It, that would make her ask questions.

"Maria… MARIA!"

"My Prince."

"No, don't come over here, I'll bring them to you."
"You are too kind."
"Why do all my servants flatter themselves?"
He opened the door just a little and handed her a pile of mishandled women's clothing.

"Wash these."

"As you wish, your Highness."

She walked away, making sure to keep the clothes as far from her nose as possible. It didn't feel right to be asking why he kept ladies clothing that smelt of rotting meat or why his hands were bleeding.

Prince Charming closed the door quietly and as if he was trying to keep someone out - he sank his back into the wood of the door with a sigh. Were that corpse alive - It would be a pleasant looking body; but It's not a Princess, It's a whore. He took a few steps towards It, lifting It up with It's face slumping against his chest and his hand supporting Its weight from under Its armpits. What the hell am I mean to do with a collection of rotting flesh? Oh - I know! Of course. Dance with it!!! That's what people do with corpses. He pulled the body towards him and supported it with an arm and his chest, using his free hand to smack an arse cheek.

"Dance with me whore - didn't you daddy ever teach you? On your feet swine!"

The Prince pulled the glass out of Its eyes and watched a brown pungent fluid dibble down Its cheeks and into Its idly hanging mouth where he now put the glass. He snapped shut Its jaws and hear a crunch which was possibly the exoskeleton of the beetle and whispered huskily in Its ear, "Do you swallow whore?" I'll be a gentleman - "Would you like to dance?"

And so he did. Pressing the corpse upon his chest, he waltzed and sang.

(1)"Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,

Though dost not bite so nigh

As benefits forgot:

Thought thou the waters wrap,

Thy sting is not so sharp

As friend remember'd not.

Heigh ho! Sing heigh ho! Unto the green holly:

Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:

Then, heigh ho! the holly!

This life is more jolly."

1. Extract from one of Shakespeare's lyrical poems.