I am to blame yet again
It's always me, it seems
A little girl cries
Though I sit in another room
I am the one that pains her
All day my parents bicker
To me, themselves, and each other
I shall take the fault for that
My friends say they feel my pain
They are in the same boat as I
I'm sorry, but you are on the island
Never shall I step onto shore
Have you ever woke up to nothing?
Gone to the fridge to find it empty?
Or wish to have just a moment of peace?
If you have, welcome to my world
My life is far from hell, I know this
Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining
Never shall I ask for sympathy
Tonight I have only truly realized
My life has gone to shambles
This place I live, it surprises me
Looks would say it should have fallen
Hell, my 'Father' could care less
He sits on his ass and complains
I don't want to place blame
But it is him, for the most part
My mom tries, really she does
I give credit to her for that
People know I hate it here
Though I doubt anyone realizes the extent
I despise this place called 'home'
Sometimes to see it burn, would bring joy
To be 'ashamed of my life' is an understatement
I love my family, really... I try to
At night I dream I am alone
Away from my life, and this place
Most times, I enjoy that dream
To my friends, I find some comfort
Though they don't understand me sometimes
I need them, to full extent
I don't have much else
To this day, I count the numbers
Til I can leave this place, this house
That's all it is, a house
I know now, my house is no home
And my life isn't much of anything