Flitter, flat, fling, flung,
tause, turn, ting, tang,
watching, waiting, look
it flies, across the blue,
mixed with white, so soft,
so delicate a thing is this,
one touch, one feel, could
crush, mangle, and destory
the purity it holds within,
destructive are we humans
so, we tear, we break, we
make unwhole, a very beauty
in this world, falls victim to
this cruel relet. So treasure,
keep, charish, bless, the few
things of beauty left, since
one soon stay it shall all be
gone, fling away like the dawn,
as it gives way to day,
the sun shall rise, to shed
light across the destruction
that acquired during the
night, a light that show all
the cracks, the breaks, the
rips, the tears, that so many
people wear on their souls,
from the people that torment,
the weak they perfer, for they
being cracked are easily broke,
into thousands upon thousands
of pieces for sure, the laws of
the jungle held true to this
day, strong prey on weak,
weak live in fear, running
for their lives at even a glimps
of a strong, just as the rabbit
flees from the fox, we humans
run away, tail between leg into
into our holes that are so well hidden.