So many questions to answer, none of these answers I know. Knowledge flying from my grasp. Grasping on to nothing but emptiness. For it is emptiness that surrounds my being. Drowning I struggle againist the emptiness, trying to break free. Break away from my tangled bonds, my soul screaming in such violent silence. Screams that can be heard by none, but the one who binds it. for none can hear this plea for help, thus none shall answer it. trapped alone inside her bonds, the screamer throws a fit. A fit of fautilaity, yet fit on does the screamer. Deep inside her burns a fire, a fire that wishes to fight. Fight againist those who make her scream so loudly. Those who laugh and taunt her. Taunts that fuel the fire deep inside her. The fire of such desire to rip appart all those who bring her pain. A pain so deep down in the soul that none can see the hole it leaves. So small a hole is left, but great damage does it do. Damage that can not be mended easlity. For to mend it another most assist. Yet an assistant can not be found, for such work is unimagenable. Such a burden it shall bring to the one who assists this girl. So who would suffer so for a girl who means nothing to them. Let her sit in her hole, suffering as she does. 'It makesno difference to me, because I do not know her. I do not care what happens to her in the end.' Thus is the reply of all who stumble upon her pitiful soul. A feeling of rejection drowns her suol at ever reply such as this. Pools of pity fill the hole she is trapped in. No energy left to fight it. No desire to push againist the waters that fill her lungs. Crushing them, freezing them, pushing the air out with no relent. The waters take no pity on this soul, for what reason does the waters have? Everything in life is hard no matter who you are, where you come from. Life is hard for everyone. Why should the waters pity this girl that it takes into it's clutches. Clutches that could not be broken no matter how much one struggles againist them. Yet the girl does not struggle at all. Letting herself be taken completely and utterly by these clutches. Tearing about her limbs, consuming her with no difficulty at all. A feel of joy now flood the girl deep down in her hole full of water. Happy to have her suffering ended. To death she now runs arms open to recieve her host. Finally her breathe is still, her heart stops and she dies. Now her soul sails to sky, free as a bird, she'll never die. Then without warning she is ripped from the sky. Dragged down to hell by a demon of a child. Laughing at her the demon does sing of her fate he shall bring. Dancing and swingng her about to the devil's throun he brings her to. Stumping and kicking she does not wish to go to him so. Yet the demon pulls her closer and closer to her fate. On her knees she does land, not wishing to lift her head and see the man that she fears so much. Chuckling with such delight, the devil breathe in a sigh. 'What to do with you little girl, who entered my world the brims of hell. So what sould I do with your codemded soul? For kindness is not in my character, so suffer shall you well.' The girl cryed out for mercy pleading for god to save her. 'Silence you pitiful soul. You are mine and forever shall you be. Now down to burn you shall you go. You there, take her and throw her in.' Picking up the demon did laugh so and dancing all the way, her took her deeper into hell. Throwing her in a pit of fire she flung her limbs as if to fly. Then down she fell into the fire to burn for all the while. Suffering all the time, her fate to live in the fires of hell.