Everyday of this life. Every second that I live.
My heart crys for every moment I am without
you. Such a sad day is spent without you.
Such a sad thing is a thought of your leaving.
Such a sad thing of my heart still weeping.
Yet, such a joy to think of you, it brings a
tear to my eye. A tear, your hand is sure to
gently brush aside. Your hands so gentle,
even though they hold such strength. The
strength to pick me up in your arms, and
hold me close. So close, but not close
enough for my likings. For forever do I wish
to be close to you. Forever is a great time
indeed, although it does not seem long
enough for my likings. If it were in my power,
I would not have to leave your side for more
then a minute. Although that might be to long,
I get lonely easy. This emotion once ruled my
life, lonely for all time. Yet it has been replaced
by you, a new emotion set in it's place. This
replacement such a satisfaction to my soul, it
makes me dance atop my toes. To dance, to
swing, to run about, such a feeling in my soul.
No words could discribe the feeling deep inside.
So deep it pierces my very soul, a feat not
reached since days of old. Days so long past
that the memories fade. Memories of others
that have done me wrong. So wrong that I fear
that this past might be repeated. A fear that
drives me away from the things I hold dear. The
things that make my life worth living. Things that
make me smile. My smile sweetiest when seen
by you. You the thing that makes everything
worth the trouble. Although everything is no
matter, when you are a factor. For everything can
disappear into nothingness, as long as you are
still here with me. Here close beside me, arms
tight around me. Arms I know will always hold
me close. So close I hear your heart beat loudly.
A heart that was given to me as a gift so sweetly.
Such a gift I do not wish to loose, for this would
truely kill me. For I would rather die this day, then
loose a thing that gives me such joy. Joy such a
rare thing in my life till now, so I hold it close for
all time. Time such a curse, yet such a blessing.