Trapped alone inside a room,
with no light save the moon.
A single shadow on the ground,
a solihote of motionless.
Face into palm, palm into hand,
gentle weeping accross the land.
Why does the figure cry alone,
is there none to hear these moans?
Alone are they, as am I,
forever to walk alone til I die.
This is how the world is you see,
we live, we die, we cease to be.
Shall you miss me, or I you,
or perhaps cross paths again?
A twist of fate, just for laughs,
why not throw another loop on
this silly lass? Jump shall I,
to my next task, til I lay down,
for my last nap. Alone are we in
life, and alone in death as well,
keep what you have close to you,
for one day they too shall die,
and alone again this figure stands.