Pushing againist what holds me,
my hands bounded behind me.
Trapped alone with no escape,
my heart continues to race.
Looking high and low for help,
dark shadows all around.
Shaking to the floor I wait,
to met my final falling fate.
Light above catches my eye,
my head to the sky, my fate
to come. Heart stops, breath
gone, what's to come now?
Such torture, such pain,
the wait drives me insane.
Motion above signals my recoil,
to a ball I descend to the floor.
Cursing, but blessing what is
to fall from above. For there
are things worse then death.
Sweet death, what a relief it
would bring. Yet instead I sit
here curled up upon the floor.
Wishing for an end to come,
an end to all my pain, my
misery, my suffering, my life.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
this life will never end for me.
Forever shall I live in my hole,
alone appart from the world.
Darkness surrounds me for
all time, darkness is all I know.