Death is not a pretty subject. It is so ugly in fact that most do not even dare to speak of it. Why is that? Simply because we do not understand it. Now I do not mean we do not understand what death is itself. For death by defination is when life stops. When one's heart stops beating, your breath stops moving, and your body stops moving. That is how we define death. Yet this is not what terrifies us so. This pass year my friends, classmates, and town have dealt with alot of death. With the murder of a 15 year old girl, to the suicide of a 20 year old man. With all of this happening around us you would think we would have a firm grip on what death is. Yet we do not, for we still fear it beyond all else. If death is to be feared then what is there to protect us from it? Doctors perhaps? Some mircle drugs? That is follishness. For you can not run from that which does not exist and that is simply what death is. The lack of existance. Run away you scaried little children. Run until it finally catches you.