All eyes on me, my every move,
who to trust, what to say, I dare
not show my fear, mind is racing,
hands are shaking, heart pounds
like a drum, where to run, what
to do, must not show my fear.

Insanity drives me on, pushs me,
lives in me, flows beneth my skin,
must hide my fear, droving on to
the great beyond, not knowing
where I shall finally rest my head,
hoping none have seen my fear.

Under cover I shall live, playing a
part of distrust and sin, a role
assigned by the day, casted as an
understudy, my fear takes stage,
seeking, searching for all the time,
wishing to declare my fear inside.

Everyone talking, gossip, rumors,
what to believe, confusion sets in,
leaking out my fear runs, catch it,
hide it, frustrated my heart begins
to sink, crashing to the ground I
fall, my fear has yet to be seen.

Opening my eyes to the world, I
see those around me I distrust,
who they are I do know, my fear
has disappeared, I see you now,
I know your game, you shall not
win this here, my fear is yours.