Just a Dream

Close your eyes. Pretend you are in a room. A very dark room full of god only knows what. You are alone in this room. Cold, lonely, empty. Now think hard, how did you get in this place? Weren't you just in your room all nice and warm. Talking to your buddy on the phone. Happy, content, full. Funny how things change so quickly without warning or cause. It's as if god just wants to watch you suffer. Laughing all the while. Comical is that statement though, for I do not believe in god. Yet I talk about him as if I do. Twisted how this life works. People talk as if they know of many things with such a passion. As if the things at question they had invented it themselves. We humans are odd beings. Although I have come to great understand of humans. but never myself. For I can explain to you just about any other on this earth if given time to learn them, yet myself, having known me all my life, I still do not understand me. Which is to say I never did understand myself so today is no different from any other day for this matter. Yet I am frustrated so at the thoughts that come with that fact. I have always believed that the one person who understands me is the one I am ment to be with. Male or female really makes no different to me. Just someone to understand me, know why I am the way I am. Tis all I ever wanted or asked for, seems though, I have asked to much. If only life were so simple that all we had to do was ask for what we wanted. So simple... just a dream.