My Angel

Running your fingers across my face,
your smile shows beauty, power, and
grace. Softly I lay there, breathing
deeply, looking up into your face, a
grin appears so sweetly, then you
lean in slowly, gentle kiss my neck.
Shivers consume my whole being,
heart is racing, breathe is quickening,
emotions flood my soul, drowning away
all else that surrounds me. Nothing else
is left in this world, but you and I. Nothing
matters, nothing is, there is nothing,
nothing, but you and I. Time stand still
just a little longer. Stop the clicking of
the clock, make this night last for all
time. Make this feeling never stop.
Make the everything into nothingness.
Make all my worries go away. You hold
such a power in your hand, or at least
the illusion that is in such demand. In
wonderment here I lay, trying to discover
why. Why am I so lucky to find such a
treasure? Does someone up there truely
love me? Why do I recieve just a great
prize, for such little effort? These questions
I can not answer, and would not even if
I were able. For in a dream world I dwell
now, and I wish to stay. Since no reality
can out do this dream world I am in with you.
For you are my angel here on earth, you
are the reason I raise each morn, you are
the reason my eyes shine, you are the
reason I wish to stop time. Hold me tight
inside your arms, brush my hair from my
face, whipe the tears from my eyes, tears
of a joy that makes my heart sing. My angel
that lives inside my dreams, that lifts me up
and gives me wings. Your touch, the feel, it
drives me wild. Such a sinsation it makes me
fly, my soul sailing up around the clouds, now
an angel am I. Yet I do not wish to show
disgrace, for it is you that makes me this way.