AN: Be warned, this makes no sense at all!

Oh, my sweet Cheshire cat,

What makes you grin?

That tempting grin of yours,

That drives me into madness,

Sweet madness, of the fiery dancer,

Who has trodden on fire.

I am your female equivalent,

The Mona Lisa, smiling,

Mischievous, mildly arrogant,

Devilish and unbreakable.

Mysterious, secret,

A smile in the dark.

With you I've learned,

That it does not matter which way I go,

Since I don't know where I want to go,

So I'll stay with you my dear Cheshire.

And we'll smile bodiless grins,

And scare lost little girls.

Oh, my sweet Mona Lisa,

What makes you smile?

You goddess' smile,

That enchants all who look upon you,

Into sweet passion, of a wizard,

Whose own spell turned upon him.

I am your male equivalent,

The Cheshire Cat, grinning,

Cheeky, arrogant, master of minds,

Mysterious creature of neither night nor day,

Invisible, uncatchable,

A secret among secrets.

With you I've learned,

The road never ends,

And it will lead me, wherever I want to go,

But I don't know where I want to go,

So I'll stay with you my dear Mona,

And we'll smile mysterious smiles.

For we are the Mona Lisa and the Cheshire Cat,

Our smiles have made us famous,

Our stories however, are unknown,

So we'll smile together,

And drive them all into madness,

For we are the Cheshire Cat and the Mona Lisa.

AN: This is totally confusing, and it's up to you to find your own meaning to it, lol, I'm sorry, I'm just obsessed with the Cheshire Cat, and I've always found the Mona Lisa absolutely intriguing so there, lol. I'll probably write thousands of variations of the Cheshire Cat, maybe not with the Mona Lisa….probably not, lol.