The bars surround me
Closing in slowly but surely
I try to think
But my thoughts are jumbled
Because all I see
And all I can think of
Are those iron bars
They constrict with my every breath
Constantly reminding me
That I can never get out
But that won't stop me
From trying
God help me if
I ever stop trying
I promised myself long ago
That no matter what
I would never give in
And I won't
If I am to die
I will die charging
Into battle
Never caring
If my efforts are futile
I will remain in denial
And I will keep fighting
Hoping that someone
Will come and free me
Surely there has to be a way out
I simply refuse to accept
The possibility of captivity
And so I keep yelling
Until my voice is gone
Ad even then,
I will start pounding on the bars
'Til my outstretched hand
Is bruised and broken
Fighting against the inevitable fact
That I will die
Right here
In my cage
But at least I will not die
Broken in spirit