You Weren't There
By: Sara
Why weren't you there?
You weren't anywhere.
You left me all alone.
I need your help through these tears of despair.
* * * * * *
I cut myself to relieve the pain.
But it doesn't relieve it like you do.
All I feel is pain, pain of the darkness that i'm in.
Please come back, i need you.
Come back so you can tell me what's wrong.
What's wrong with me.
* * * * * *
Then on the news I see you.
I see you dead
Dead on the ground, blood everywhere I see.
Now what am I to do.
After I see you dead you know what i see?
I see my blood *drip, drip, drip* on the ground.
Then all I see is black.
The blackness of nothing.
Am I dead? no, what's wrong with me?
* * * * * *
When I came home from the hospital I found out whats wrong with me.
I'm depressed.
Want to know why?
Because you weren't there.
You weren't anywhere.
* * * * * *
On the news.
Now it's my turn
Now it's my turn to die and be on t.v.
Do you want to know why?
Because i loved you.
Loved you more than anything in this world of terror.
But you just weren't there.