Hail the King
By kenishro
{I believe that Peter Jackson had made a history when he directed the
phenomenal Lord of
the Rings trilogy. If J.R.R Tolkien were still alive today, I think that he
would be proud that his epic book had been transferred to an epic silver
screen almost "accurately". Though after seeing the third part of this
awesome trilogy, I was slightly disappointed that some of the scenes in the
movie were altered to suit the movie audience, but none the less it did not
change the book main theme itself. The human story outweigh the CGI
effects, the character Samwise was the best performance by Sean Astin.
Enough of my babbling about the movie, if you haven't seen it, I suggest
that you watch it while you still can then read the book. Both Tolkien and
Peter Jackson were geniuses in respected field and I was quite disheartened
to realize that there will be no more "The Ring" movie next year. A superb
performance by the talented cast, great story, great director, mindboggling
special effect and a great ending, to this I present my poem dedicated to
this epic story.}

Hail the King
Hail the king, my brother,
Hail the king, my captain,
Hail the king, my lord,
Hail the king, my king,

Hail the king, we stand by you,
Hail the king, as we fight with you,
Hail the king, as our trust in you,
Hail the king, we will die for you,

Hail the king, my brother,
Hail the king, my captain,
Hail the king, my lord,
My King.

{Feedback: Yes please, tell me what do you think of the movie, I myself
loooooovvvve it. Also tell me about my poem, was it suited or not, don't be
shy. :P}
P/s: I going to watch it again this weekend, can't wait for extended
version when the DVD comes out next year.