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Author's Notes

1 – This is a fantasy and action/adventure story; immortals, spells, and guns included. So as always, if you don't like that sort of stuff don't read; I don't need crap from people who have no intention of continuing to read the story or they know that they won't like the contents on the story but they still diss it anyway.

2 – This takes place in about the late 1800's

3 – In this story there will be a small amount of cursing; but this is only to add to the effect of the story. Also note, this is a little more violent then I normally write so this is why the rating is PG-13.

4 – I've really been wanting to write a story like this: violent, a bit vulgar, and just … something I wouldn't normally do.


"Work you cursed gun!"

Panting and bleeding slightly, the elf known as Elizabeth yelled at the machine gun in her hand. Why wasn't it working? She never should have stolen it from the laboratory when that portal to the future opened; it was such a waste. But then again she shouldn't have been jumping through portals anyway; being as it was just asking to be caught by the traitors.

However, Elizabeth was lucky and had been able to escape with only the end of her hair singed.

The hoarse voices of the soldiers that were tracking her were coming closer. Elizabeth involuntarily tried to make herself smaller by pulling her small frame closer to her bent knees. But she felt the confounded machine gun against her chest and she knew she had no other choice: hunt or be hunted.

Elizabeth's hand went up to pull a stray wisp of hair off of her face as her other hand went for the gun by her side. It would be easier to try to use her bow or crossbow that had been given to her by a tribe of elves but there were at least four humans looking for her; she would have to play by their standards. But she still deeply regretted having been found in a No Magic Zone – as she liked to call it.

Guns, what a horrible invention, Elizabeth thought as she loaded her automatic pistol. Ever since the humans had started using guns there had been problems for the few immortals that remained in the human world. They now had a quick and easy method of killing off immortals; they would sometimes even use iron bullets which made the situation even more hopeless.

These days only the strong survived; creatures like unicorns that never killed even when defending themselves were easy targets. However, dragons, elves, dwarfs, and other strong immortals were the ones that survived. But most immortals had already made it to the Sacrosanct Land (as some called it) therefore leaving less immortals in the human world and easier prey for humans.

Sometimes Elizabeth didn't know how she survived in this world. Compared to others, Elizabeth was a pretty weak immortal physically and since the humans had somehow made deals with immortals to help sense other immortals she couldn't use her magic in certain places.

Elizabeth readied herself for the assault that she was about to perform. The pistol was ready in her right hand and was being squeezed due to Elizabeth's nervousness. She desperately wanted to make some sort of shield spell to at least protect herself from anything that might come her way but if she did another immortal would sense her and it would only quicken her capture/death.

Finally her slightly sensitive ears picked up the sounds of footsteps coming towards her; they were only fifteen yards away. Already Elizabeth could imagine herself coming out from her hiding spot to point the gun at her victims; she could see herself pulling on the trigger of her pistol numerous times and then she saw the surprised looks on the humans' faces as the bullets made contact with their skin and then rip through their soft flesh all in the same second.

Just aim for their hearts Elizabeth, Elizabeth told herself.

Then it was time; Elizabeth put her free hand on the side of the wall she was hiding behind and pulled herself up and around the corner. She then faced four male humans, her gun pointed right towards them. They tried to load their own guns, Elizabeth saw, but they were much too slow because before they could even look up with their loaded guns in hands Elizabeth had already let her quivering finger pull the trigger multiple times.

She could hear; she could see the bullets enter their vulnerable bodies – as they were wearing no armor of any sort. Then she saw their bodies drop to the ground; lifeless and leaking crimson liquid.

She stood there for a few more moments, the consequences of her actions starting to seep into her brain. It was exactly as she imagined – as it always was when she took a life – except that she had actually done it. Her quivering finger laid on the cold metal of the gun that had just taken four lives; adding to its already high record.

Elizabeth finally put the gun back in its holster by her waist and she slowly turned around and then ran, her long cloak billowing behind her.

Being an elf, Elizabeth was a pretty good runner; faster then a human anyway. She was also very agile which helped when she had to do certain 'tasks'.

Elizabeth ran until she could no longer feel the presence of an immortal that worked for humans. Traitor immortals – like all immortals – could be sensed very easily by other immortals but they felt different; their aura and the energy that pulsed from them seemed corrupted.

Elizabeth stopped and felt for immortals. There was a small cluster maybe a half mile away and she felt no Traitor presence; she decided it must be a smaller haven.

There were three major havens in the human world for immortals. They were in Alaska, Nepal, and in northern Norway; all of them in mountains. These were the only places that had not been found by humans but time was being cut short as humans were coming up with new technology to help navigate through the icy terrain that the immortals took refuge in.

Lesser havens like the one Elizabeth was looking for were more common. Normally it was a place in a large city or a forest that a small amount of immortals gathered for safety; but normally it wasn't safe. They were easily found and either sent to a torture camp or were put to death.

Elizabeth normally didn't like to stay in these places but she was too tired to try and find a safe crevice in an alley to sleep in. Besides, the aftermath of what she just did was starting to ebb away. Elizabeth didn't like to kill but she knew it was necessary in this world; besides, they had probably killed or captured far more immortals then she'd killed or wounded humans, they may have even been the ones who took her little brother away.

Elizabeth found herself in front of a tavern; very old fashioned she noted. Taverns, although they weren't commonly used anymore with hotels taking their places and such were normally where immortals liked to stay.

The tavern in front of Elizabeth was called The King's Alley. Elizabeth scoffed at the title; they were probably referring to the king of Avalon/the Sacrosanct Land. What a give away.

But none the less, Elizabeth walked into the bright, warm, and loud tavern. There were several immortals there - mostly lesser immortals though – and a good majority of the immortals were reeking with the smell of alcohol.

What decent bartender gives alcohol to immortals? Elizabeth thought being slightly disgusted. She moved the front of her cloak so that it fell behind her shoulders. Don't they know the effects?

Eyes followed the newcomer as she walked to the desk where she would most likely get a room to stay in for the night. Girls like her didn't come in all that often especially ones of her kind: a young lady that defended herself and only herself; those that carried weapons. This one had a quiver of arrows over her shoulder under her long, black cloak and a bow laying across her other shoulder. A crossbow hung loose by her left side next to a small hand gun. On the other side there was a long dagger and a pouch that held money from nations all around the world. A small bag filled most likely with clothes was clutched in her right hand. There was some light armor over her shoulders and chest; it rested on a finely woven black shirt. She wore breeches with a belt (on which her weapons lay on) and had black, leather, lace-up boots up to her knees. The way she dressed and the style of her armor signified that she was most defiantly an elf; a high elf. High elves; they were rare these days but they could easily be picked out from the rest. Even behind all the dirt and the few trails of dried blood that ran down the right side of her forehead and arm it was obvious that she was one of the few with pure blood; from the way she moved, the way her hair swayed, the way she smelled, the way she held herself, and just the elegance that she seemed to radiate made it all to apparent that she was indeed a high elf. Her hair and eyes were of the wrong color, for normally high elves had light blonde or black hair and blue, hazel, green, or brown eyes. This girl however, had dark blonde hair kept in a long braid that hanged by her bottom and black eyes; very uncommon for any elf. But none the less, she had the high cheek bones and pale skin that accompanied an elf of her status. She was short but she had a slenderness that made her seem tall. However, there wasn't much when it came to a figure; she was much too skinny and small.

Elizabeth continued to walk until she reached a desk which also served as the bar. With some caution she sat down on a stool, being careful not to let her cloak touch the dirty ground underneath her. A few moments later the owner of the tavern came out of a door to the right that Elizabeth guessed was a kitchen.

"Hello there," The owner said. He was an old man, probably a lesser elf. "What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to get a room please and some water if you don't mind." Elizabeth replied.

"Alright." The old man said while fetching a flask of water. "The room will be two bills and the water ten cents."

Elizabeth pulled the money out of her pouch and after counting it out she gave it to the owner who in return gave her the flask and a key.

"So who are you traveling with?" The owner asked as he took to polishing a grimy glass cup.

"I travel alone." Elizabeth said as before muttering a spell that would cleanse the water. When the spell was complete and she knew the water was drinkable she took a huge swig of it. It felt incredibly good in her dry mouth.

"Hmm … have you ever considered traveling with others? There's safety in numbers 'ya know."

"No," Of course Elizabeth had considered it; but she knew that numbers did not make one safe and she had her own reasons for not teaming up with others.

"Well girly, you better get some sleep; you look really beat up." The owner said after inspecting her.

Elizabeth looked down at herself and noticed that she had cuts and nicks all over her arms and legs; not to mention that her forehead was bleeding and her right arm was cut badly. They must be from when she jumped through the window of that laboratory to escape.

"I'll do a healing spell upstairs." Elizabeth said before finishing up her water.

She tipped the man with a dime and then headed upstairs to her room. Elizabeth held up her cloak as she went up the stairs as there was rotting food on the stairs.

Ugh … disgusting; when was the last time they cleaned this place? Elizabeth thought. You'd think even lesser immortals would be a little more cleanly. At least I'll be leaving this wretched town tomorrow.

When Elizabeth found her room, she wasn't surprised at the condition of it. It was messy and the smell of alcohol and bile were very strong, plus there were a few wooden boards missing from the floor. And she didn't even want to think about the bed's state.

"I guess I'll have to do a healing and cleaning spell." Elizabeth muttered to herself.

Magic came very easily to Elizabeth, partly because she was an elf. But it was just strange how much she could actually do.

The spell for cleaning was in Elizabeth's head and she let it flow through her body and out of her fingertips and then into the room. A slight breeze filled the room as dirt, bugs, stench, and other nasty things that Elizabeth didn't want to think about left the room by slowly disappearing.

Elizabeth looked at her handy work and nodded; it was at least livable. The boards were still missing from the floor but the floor itself was clean and there were still a few stains on the squat bed's sheets but Elizabeth wouldn't be using those anyway.

Crossbow, holster and gun, and long dagger fell to the floor as Elizabeth unbuckled her belt reliving her of a great amount of weight. Next to go was her cloak and then her bow and arrow.

Then Elizabeth herself collapsed to the floor, a flood of weariness washing over her. She must have worn herself out without even knowing it … again.

With a sigh, Elizabeth prepared a small healing spell to close up the cuts. She let the spell go over her and she slowly started to feel better. It would had been much nicer to have a unicorn heal her but unicorns were rare, especially the ones that will actually heal you not the dark unicorns that would poison you.

After the healing spell was completed Elizabeth got a wash cloth from her bag. The cloth was covered in blood stains from earlier wounds but at least Elizabeth knew it was clean and that it was her own blood.

There was a water basin in the corner and after Elizabeth used a spell to make a small amount of clean water appear in it she started to clean herself up. She cleaned every part of her skin that showed but didn't bother with her clothes or cloak; they were magicked, they would mend and clean themselves.

Elizabeth was yearning to have a bath to clean herself of the rest of the blood that was on her and get rid of her stench of sweat but such a place as this would never be high-classed enough to have a bath tub. But Elizabeth decided just to wait until she found a river or stream out in the woods; that is what she was used to anyway.

Elizabeth glanced at the bed and found herself becoming very sleepy; the thought of summoning some clean sheets and then falling into a good and heavy sleep tempted her severely. But Elizabeth had a feeling that she would regret it if she did go to sleep.

Elizabeth was psychic meaning she could read minds and move things with her mind but she did not have the Sight that would let her see into the future. However, she still got 'feelings'; she would know if something might happen but she wouldn't know what would happen.

Pulling her warm, magicked cloak around her, Elizabeth tried to concentrate on staying awake; unfortunately it was no use. Elizabeth's eyelids started to become heavy and she found herself lulling off into sleep.


The smell of burning flesh woke Elizabeth up with a start. She jumped up immediately and found her head in a cloud of black smoke that had leaked through the cracks in the door. Panicking slightly, Elizabeth groped around for her belt, bow and arrows, and bag. She found the bow, the quiver of arrows, and the belt easily and she put them on in great haste. It took her a couple of more seconds of searching to find her small bag but she finally grasped it in her left hand. She then put her cloak over it all.

Elizabeth pulled out her gun and held it in her right hand as she approached the door. Screams sounded and echoed outside in the hallway; there had been an ambush in the night. Her hand was on the doorknob and she turned it slightly but then coughed madly for almost a minute; the smell that had awoken her was also making her gag and choke. Burning immortals: how barbaric.

When she got over her coughing attack Elizabeth pushed on the door and then lunged out into the hallway.

Immediately, she saw that there were bodies of immortals and a few humans on the ground but then she saw an immortal struggling with a human. Elizabeth fired her gun two times before the human went down. The immortal then ran off and Elizabeth went to the stairs to try and escape. The stairs however, were in flames. Elizabeth then ran down the hallway and saw a window in front of her.

Oh great, twice in one night, Elizabeth thought as she approached the window.

A few gunshots sounded behind her and she noticed she was being shot at by a couple of humans. Elizabeth fired at them – not actually aiming at them – and they threw their arms up in defense. The distraction gave Elizabeth a couple of valuable seconds.

The window shattered in front of Elizabeth as she shot at it. Elizabeth decided it would be a whole lot easier if the window was already broken when she jumped through it then it would be when it was whole.

Elizabeth jumped forward and then fell towards the ground. Luckily, her feet were towards the ground and she caught herself on all fours.

It then occurred to Elizabeth that there was alcohol in the building … and that the building was on fire …

She ducked and put her arms over head as the tavern exploded.

A few pieces of flaming wood hit Elizabeth's cloak but it didn't set on fire (it's magicked, remember?).

Elizabeth stood up unfazed after the debris of the explosion finally stopped falling and brushed some dust off of her. However she was very much daunted when she found the burnt shell of a human's head next to her.

Elizabeth gulped slightly when she saw the head but she did not linger. Although shaking madly, Elizabeth started walking to the outskirts of the city where hopefully she could get a decent rest.


"Damn immortals." The guard voiced his opinion to his colleague.

"Yep, they're always killing off our soldiers." The other guard said as he shifted through some burnt wood and ash with his rifle.

"Maybe this Silver guy can help us with them."

"Maybe," The other guard grunted "but I don't believe it. We've been tryin' to get rid of immortals for hundreds of years but they're still here."

"You're right." The first guard agreed. "But he has a different strategy then other generals; he's sayin' that we should try and find particular immortals and kill them."

The other guard didn't answer. True, the strategy could work but why would only certain immortals be considered dangerous? Wouldn't it be easier if they just killed them off all together?

It was confusing; he didn't want to trust this Silver person but he had most of the nations' agreement on this plan of his.

"Fine then," He finally answered. "Let's see if there are any survivors."


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