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Author's Notes

1 – For about two chapters I'll be taking a little rest from the gore … but they'll be plenty of gambling and fun stuff. D


For over an hour Elizabeth and Wolf tried to find a cheap place to stay for the night, but to no avail; all of the taverns were either full or too expensive.

"So what do we do?" Wolf asked. They were standing under a streetlight near the sea ports and by now snow had started to fall again.

"We'll just have to find a nice roof to sit on." Elizabeth sighed. "Once we get on board the ship tomorrow, that's when we can sleep."

"Sure, why not?" Wolf asked sarcastically but he walked on with Elizabeth and they soon found a house whose inhabitants had already gone to bed. The two bickered for a moment on how they would get up there and finally Wolf grabbed Elizabeth, ran, jumped and pivoted off another house, and landed softly on the roof. For a moment Elizabeth glared at him for his rash behavior but then she just sighed and walked up towards the chimney and sat down against it. Wolf did the same but he sat about two feet away from Elizabeth.

Four hours passed before either said anything; both were tired from traveling and in this cold snow, it would have been easy just to fall asleep. Wolf looked over towards Elizabeth whose eyes were half closed.

"Don't fall asleep there, Liz." He said quietly.

"Hmm … I won't … what did you call me?" Elizabeth changed from a low mumble to a quiet hiss.

"Er … Liz?" Wolf answered.

"Don't ever call me that."

"Why not?"

"I don't need to give you a reason."

"Well," Wolf replied. "Someone's in a bad mood."

Elizabeth ignored him and then checked her pocket watch. It was around 04:30 and the ship would be leaving the dock at 07:30.

"Let's go to the boat …" Elizabeth said as she put her watch back in her pocket and stood up. "If we get there early enough perhaps we can get a set of cheap rooms."

"So," Wolf said as he too stood up. "We're going for different rooms, right?"

"Yes, unless you want to share a room."

"No thanks."

"Good then … let's get down from here."

Wolf was about to help her but she had walked to the edge and had jumped down herself. Elizabeth landed in a crouched position and then stood up and looked up at Wolf who was five stories above her.

In a flash, Wolf was on the ground next to her and without a word, the two walked down to the docks. They passed little or no people on the way although Elizabeth felt some stares from those who saw the way she dressed; she also heard the thought of 'A woman shouldn't dress like that.'

The two walked past many boats, some were large, but mostly they were all very small.

"What kind of boat houses immortals?" Wolf whispered to Elizabeth.

"One that is very inconspicuous." She answered before stopping at a small fishing boat.

Wolf looked at the boat and almost looked disgusted.

"That's the boat?" He asked.

"What other kind of boat other than a beat-down fishing boat would help immortals travel, Wolf?" Elizabeth asked with a smirk.

"I don't know …" Wolf answered sarcastically. "A good one?"

Elizabeth sighed but Wolf could tell she wasn't annoyed or exasperated. "Wolf, you of all people I would've expected not to judge a book by its cover."

"It's a fishing boat!"

Elizabeth grinned at his behavior and finally she said, "Just follow my lead." Turning on her heel, Elizabeth walked towards the fishing boat. There was a thin ramp that was placed over the dock and over the edge of an opening in the railing of the boat. Elizabeth and Wolf walked across the ramp and looked at their surroundings once on board. It was a small ship; only fifty feet long and twenty five feet wide. But a majority of this space was taken up by the cabin, which was in the middle of the deck. There was a door on the cabin and Elizabeth opened it and walked inside with Wolf. Once inside, Wolf immediately covered his nose from the strong smell of fish and his ears pricked up when he heard some noises in the small, moldy cabin. Elizabeth heard the noises as well and turned to a male human who was picking up a crate. The man smiled at them and then pointed at another door opposite of him. Elizabeth gave her thanks and then opened the door that Wolf thought would lead out of the cabin and back onto the deck. But he was completely shocked when the door opened up to a circular room with a ceiling that seemed to touch the sky and that was made of stained glass that was framed by beams of dark oak wood. He looked to his right and left and finally saw other immortals that were having conversation, laughing, and some that were carrying baggage. In the background, there were many large, polished, oak doors that lead off into hallways that had doors lining either wall.

"H-how is this … possible?" Wolf asked as he stared up at the ceiling that let some of the early light stream in through its glass.

"I'll explain later." Elizabeth answered. She seemed to be looking around and then she finally stopped when she looked past some immortals in front of them and at a large desk. "We need to get our rooms now.

"How much gold do you have?"

"Hmm …" Wolf snapped out of his daze and then checked his pocket. He pulled out a pouch and then emptied its contents onto his hand. About thirty coins fell out onto his hand; most were gold but there were a few bronze coins too. Elizabeth suspected the reason why he didn't have silver coins was because of wolf's weakness to it.

"Alright … so we have about 60 gold in all …" Elizabeth said as she took his coins and transferred them to her pouch with her own gold. She looked at the pouch and how bulky it was and then looked at Wolf and his horribly worn clothing. "Why do you have so much money but not decent clothing?"

"Because I don't like buying clothes." Wolf answered sulkily.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and walked up the front desk with Wolf. The desk was very wide and very tall; Elizabeth's shoulders only reached the top of it. Behind the desk there was a fountain that spurted water from a place in the wall.

Elizabeth's hand went to a bell to call up someone to help them but before her hand even touched it a middle-aged looking lesser elf popped up behind the desk.

"Yes ma'am?" She asked.

"Oh … yes," Elizabeth started. "We'd like to get –"

"A room?" She cut in. "Well, yes of course. I'm presuming you want a room together?"

"Well, actually –"

"Good then!" She said, completely ignoring Elizabeth. "I think we still have a very nice room left for such a charming pair."

The elf then ducked under the desk and pulled out a key and came back up again. She put the key on the desk and then waited for Elizabeth to hand over the gold but both Elizabeth and Wolf just stood there, their mouths slightly opened. Was she implying that she thought they were a couple?

Finally, the elf got impatient and carefully took the pouch from Elizabeth with a small, "I'll just take care of this." She counted out the gold quickly and then handed the pouch back, now considerably lighter, and the key.

"Your room is on the hallway to your far right. Welcome and enjoy your stay on the Immortel." She then turned and left to take care of another customer.

But Wolf and Elizabeth didn't move; they were still transfixed where she had left them.

Finally, Elizabeth swallowed and then asked very quietly, "What just happened?"

Wolf blinked and then answered slowly. "I think … we just got a room."


"Well … the room probably has twin beds … I've never heard of a room with just one bed." Elizabeth tried to reason as they walked down the hallway to their room.

"Yeah …" Wolf answered. "How much gold do we have left?"

"Probably less than 10% of what we had before." Elizabeth said holding up the pouch. She threw it over her shoulder and Wolf caught it. "Keep it for now but don't spend it here."

Wolf counted the gold as they walked; there was six gold and two copper pieces left. How were they going to survive in Europe with only six gold?

'Europe …' Wolf thought. And at that point he found that he had no idea where they'd be going in Europe. He then asked Elizabeth.

"The ships supposed to dock somewhere near London …" She answered. "I'm not sure on the town though …" But she then stopped walking and looked at the number engraved onto the key. She looked up at the door she was standing in front of.

After one last check she sighed and said, "This is it." She unlocked the door and then turned the door knob.

Wolf felt his jaw drop.

The room wasn't as magnificent as the room they had just been in but it was just as amazing. Instead of the small, cramped room he had been expecting, the room had a high ceiling and a large window that looked out on the ocean. Wolf walked in and took a closer look at the view. The sun was just coming up so the sea was bright; blue and clear. He then looked at the rest of the room; Elizabeth had been right, there were twin beds and there were two closets and one very large and wide dresser. There was another door that led to another room but Wolf couldn't guess where. Elizabeth had already thrown her things onto one of the beds and started to inspect the room.

She peered into the extra room. "Hmm …" She muttered. "Indoor plumbing … I guess we got our money's worth." She then looked up and then went to the closets. A small gasp escaped Elizabeth when she saw rows of clothing hanging in the closet; all of them looked like typical women's dresses. As she ran her hand over the soft garments, Wolf looked to the other closet to find rows of shirts, vests, jackets, and pants. Wolf picked up one of the shirts and held it against him, seeing that it was exactly his size. After a long stare at the closet Wolf put the shirt back and then turned to Elizabeth who was now running one of her fingers over the dresser top and looking with distaste at the small bit of dust that had collected on her finger.

"How do they do all this?" Wolf asked.

"Do what?" Elizabeth wiped the dust on her pants and then looked up at him with a bland expression.

"This!" Wolf replied forcefully. "How do they fit a first class ship into a fishing boat?!"

"It's hard to explain to someone with a small knowledge of magic. You probably won't understand …" She replied. Elizabeth sighed and then looked at the window. Her eyes rested on it for quite some time before she spoke again. "The simplest way to say it is that … well … they started out with this fishing boat and then enchanted it so that one part of it would expand. Then they built in that part … most of what you see is magic and illusion … the ocean out there isn't fake, but the window is."

"You're right … I don't understand." Wolf sighed. "Well … how do they know what sizes the clothes should be?"

"They don't." Elizabeth replied as she sat down on the bed she had laid her things on. "The clothes and closet are the things that are enchanted."

"How come traitor immortals don't sense this?"

"Because these things were made by magic and therefore don't use magic when working. Immortals can normally only sense magic that's being used, not magic that's in existence." Elizabeth spoke like she was bored; like the subject didn't interest her. It was then that Wolf realized that he knew nothing of Elizabeth or her past. He had already told her that his parents were dead but he didn't know if she even had a family; he wasn't even too sure of her age!

'But it's not important.' He thought to himself. As soon as they find a portal to Avalon, they'd most likely never see each other again; and that'd be fine with him.

"So … what now?" Wolf asked.

"Well," Elizabeth looked up at him, her eyelids limp. "I plan on going to sleep; I, just the same as you, traveled all night and day the other day."

"Alright." He replied as he went to his bed. It was the farthest from the window (Elizabeth's was almost up against the window) and beside it there was a bedside table with an electric lamp.

'This room really is nice.' Wolf thought as he turned the lamp on and then off again. After he turned the lamp on and off again, he glanced over at Elizabeth who was on the edge of the bed, her chin resting on top of her fist, looking out the window.

"Aren't … Aren't you going to get ready?" Wolf asked.

"I'll wait until you're done." She answered without looking at him. Wolf noticed that there were long, soft, red velvet curtains on either side of the window; they began to slowly close (Elizabeth's psychic abilities) and Wolf saw that a light from above had come on when the curtains closed.

At this, Wolf got ready for bed by kicking his shoes and then taking off his shirt and yawning. Elizabeth glanced over at him when he yawned and then turned back to what she was doing. But she almost immediately turned her head so quickly that her braid almost made a whipping sound to look at Wolf with wide eyes.

"What are you doing?!" She demanded.

"I'm getting ready for bed." Wolf answered, he was feeling a little confused; why was she acting up?

"Well … do you have to take your shirt off to go to bed?" She asked, her eyes still wide.

Wolf looked down at himself and then looked back up at Elizabeth. "Normally when I have a bed to sleep in … yes, I do. Do you have a problem with this?"

"Eh …" Elizabeth muttered. "No … just … nothing." She then turned her head to look at the curtains covering the window.

Wolf shrugged and then slipped between the covers and fell asleep almost immediately.


Wolf didn't wake up until early the next morning. The covers had been thrown off the bed by his usual restlessness while sleeping and his hair, which was normally messy, was sticking up in ways that defied physics. He was very groggy for a couple of moments, yawning and stretching too, before noticing that the window had been uncovered and that he was alone in the room. Elizabeth's bed was empty and had been made up neatly.

'How did she leave the room without me hearing?'  Wolf asked himself as he scratched his sensitive ears.

It took Wolf only a few minutes to get ready; he grabbed some clothes from out of the closet figuring that if he was paying for them, he might as well use them, and running his fingers through his hair to try to tame it.

He came out into the hallway in a loose white shirt and a pair of black pants; he had, however, kept his normal shoes. Wolf decided to walk to the main hallway to see where breakfast would be. When he arrived he asked a person who was at the front desk and they pointed him down a hallway to the left. With a "thank you" and a nod, Wolf walked down the hall. The carpet in the hallway was red and had gold patterns in it and went perfectly with the walls and doors that were made of mahogany wood ('Just like our own hallway …' Wolf noticed). Finally, he came to a set of large doors where two immortal men had been conversing. When they noticed him they smiled and opened the doors for Wolf; they obviously worked on the boat.

Wolf walked into a large room with windows lining all the walls. There were many round tables with white linen table clothes and plates and silverware of the finest kind. He then scanned the room for any sign of food but he saw Elizabeth first. He walked over to her and sat down at the table that she was sitting at. She didn't look up at him but instead absent mindedly stirred some coffee in a china coffee cup with a spoon while scanning over a human newspaper. Wolf noticed that she was wasn't wearing her normal black but instead dark brown breeches that were rolled up at the ends so that they wouldn't be too long and a high collared white shirt that was too long in the sleeves. And to top it off, Wolf noticed she had a pair of spectacles on and that her braid was wet.

"Where did you get those clothes?" Wolf finally asked.

"Your closet." She replied, still reading the newspaper.

"Why didn't you use your clothes? Those look far too big for you."

"They are and …" Elizabeth smirked slightly. "I really don't care for dresses."

"So explains the reason for your sticking out with pants in public." Wolf muttered.

"I like to make a statement." She said sarcastically. She finally put the newspaper down and took off the glasses and folded them on top of the paper.

"Where's the food?" Wolf asked anxiously.

She pointed over to a corner where there was a buffet of breakfast food. In a heartbeat, Wolf went over to fill up at least three plates of food to bring back to the table. When he arrived back with enough food to feed four people, Elizabeth's eyebrows went up but Wolf simply took a fork and began to shovel the food down his throat.

"It must be … awful to eat like that." Elizabeth said sarcastically. "You don't eat this much often … do you?"

Wolf stopped for a moment and finished chewing before speaking. "Well, I like to eat this much all the time … but you know … that'd be a bit of a hassle." He smiled and then dove into his food again with the fork.

It only took Wolf a few minutes to finish up with his breakfast; Elizabeth meanwhile nibbled on a pastry. When he was done he looked around at the other immortals; most of them were Lower Elves but there were a few others, animal immortals and such (Wolf swore he saw a wolf immortal). Then he looked at the part of the room that connected with the main part of the ship: there was a pair of doors with tinted glass that lead into a completely different room.

"What's in that room, Elizabeth?" Wolf asked while pointing at the room.

Elizabeth looked up and her lip curled up in slight disgust when she saw what he was pointing at. "It's a gambling room … how awful to have one on an immortal ship."

"Gambling?" Wolf asked. "Here?"

"No Wolf … I think that's a portal to Avalon. Of course it's here and of course it's a gambling room."

Wolf stared at the door for a couple of seconds and then a wicked grin came across his face. He then grabbed Elizabeth's arm, pulled her up from her seat, and dragged her back to the safety of their room, despite her protests and attempts to stop him.

"What is wrong with you?" She yelled when Wolf closed the door behind him.

"I've got a plan." Wolf said with a smirk.

"What's your dumb plan and why should I care?"

"We'll gamble to get our gold back."

"What?" Elizabeth exclaimed. "That's stupid! We could lose the little gold we have!"

"Not if we cheat." Wolf said with a sinister grin.


"We can play Poker … you can read the other players' minds and relay what you find out to me." Wolf whispered as though he feared someone might be listening to him.

"They'll catch us." Elizabeth stated.

"Not if we do everything right … and psychic people can't sense telepecky right?"

"That's 'telepathy' and no … not normally."

"We'll go in there and bet small amounts at first –"

"They'll get suspicious if you keep winning though."

"Good thinking … er … we'll …" Wolf trailed off; he couldn't think of anything.

"Lose a few games." Elizabeth finished.

Wolf grinned again. "So you'll do it?"

A large sigh came from Elizabeth and she put her hand to her head as if she had a headache. "I suppose …"

"Then it's settled …" Wolf said, his grin as big as ever. "We'll go there tonight and win all of our gold back and more!"


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