I had been punished. I had no idea what I did wrong. Have you ever had someone come up to you, and start yelling for no reason? That's what he did to me. I couldn't say anything to defend my innocence, he wouldn't listen. He had bound and gagged me by that time anyway.

He yelled for a little while, which was probably a shorter time than I thought. It always seems like his yelling goes on for a long time. Even though, sometimes it does. I never question him, that would be hell for me.

He tired of that, finally, and decided he wanted to have some fun. So he grabbed my hair, and pulled me up onto my knees. He wanted me to beg. But how could I? The gag was keeping me from making sounds. He promised to take it out of my mouth, as long as I wouldn't scream. I nodded, and he removed it.

It felt so nice, not to have that dirty fabric against my tongue. He could have at least washed it before using it on me again. God, that thing has been in my mouth at least 30 times.

Once again, he told me to beg. Beg for what? Oh yes, to be untied. I asked him to let me go a few times, quietly. I didn't really have many tears to shed, this happened on a regular basis.

He told me to speak louder, so I moved my jaw to let out a louder plea, when he pulled out a switchblade, and held it to my throat. This was new to me. He'd never pulled a weapon on me before. I stayed still, and tensed my muscles. I was ready to ask for my way out, but the words couldn't escape.

This time, I was scared. I wanted to cry, but I just couldn't. Almost as quickly as he pulled out the blade, he dropped his pants. Sticking his groin in my face, he told me to suck it. This was not new to me, but I was still scared to death. I proceeded to give him a blowjob. Maybe if I tried my best, he'd put the knife away.

Before I could finish him off, he pulled out of my mouth, and released himself on my face. That always made me feel low. Even though I loved him, and I'd do anything for him, this just wasn't my thing.

He always said he preferred oral sex to anything else. I thought that was a little strange. Maybe he was molested as a child. I dunno. And he never liked doing anything for me. Go figure, men only care about themselves.

He pressed the blade up to my throat a little harder, and told me I was useless. Yeah, he was probably right. He's always right. Always.

He pulled his pants back up quickly, and I started asking for my freedom again. But before I could finish, I heard my voice cut short. There was this odd feeling, I can't really explain. And a sensation of warmth, flowing down my chest.

I gasped for air, cause hey, I was having trouble breathing. I looked up at him, the best I could, with the now limited movement in my neck. I was getting extremely light headed. I don't remember closing my eyes, just falling over, and passing out.

Come to think of it.. I don't remember.. ever waking up..

But I have a quiet home now. Yep. Surrounded by nature. Not much of a view though. Just leaves, dirt, and insects. But the nights are beautiful. All the crickets playing their music for me. I had always wanted to live in the country. It's just too bad this isn't exactly what I meant..