Love is incurable, I hear them say.
And my love cannot be kept at bay.
My love for you is insatiable, just for you.
Not another girl, not somebody new.
Just You.

I look at the sky, at the clear blue sky.
Your favourite colour, but I wonder why?
Is it because it reminds you of paradise?
Where only I though you looked so nice?
Just You.

You are an angel, I am but a Devil.
And thus, you are on a different level.
There is no passion, that much is true.
But still, I only have eyes for you.
Just You.

I am here to guard beautiful heart,
And in case we should ever part,
I will be there for you, if you ever need me,
Because only you can set me free.
Just You

Because only you can set me free.. From the darkness

Just You, just You