calm before the storm

the fleece of clouds thickening

shading clear blue parallels

to placid seamirror

he loses himself

immersed in his reflection

his image doesn't ruffle

and he knows

oh, he knows

the picture is too perfect to be real

raindrops on your eyelids

my aphrodisiac,

he told her in sunmeadows

dew between their lips

caught tangling, strangling

wrapped as unborn butterflies

the beauty of a winter dawn lost upon



where eyes are as deep as the ocean

and souls are infinite

entrancing intangible

hold on to the impossibles


she's cocooned in his arms, and she knows

it's too impossible

sun eclipsed in clouds

the breeze comes stronger

eyes searching the horizon

entrancing intangible

as long as a soul, and just as barren

he slides a weathered hand along his deck

prickles growing slowly; he knows

what is to come…

when spring gives birth to summer

and the hyacinth bloom…

such was her favorite season

and yet this year was different…

the sun took its toll more directly

the young shriveled as the buds bloomed and withered

barren lands baked and cracking

she slips into the chasm—


tiny rig against the waves

sails torn and flapping aimless

salt spray trapping breaths in his throat


the strong and streamlined man

a ragdoll thrown against his mast

[waters pass wind blasts]

limp and sliding

[tell me this happened

tell me this didn't happen…]

battered, bruised, a mess of timber

drifting now through calm-again waters

a peek of the sun from behind its widow curtains

oh god please kill me I hurt so

rough hewn canvas

ripped apart at triton's whim

fabric for a small girls tunic

stitches of blood, sweat

oh god please kill me it hurts so

and she falls and she falls and she falls and she falls

and he never ever ever

runs to catch her


for Zanmath