By Silvertress

I look to the stars try to find a reason

What is the true feeling of this season

My mind is reeling

What is the answer?

Hope of a life much purer than ours
The fulfillment of testament from a promise of long ago

Grace guided from the starts

Angel's of Allejuia Ex celeus deo call to guide

To where the new hope resides

All shall come to see

The babe that shall be our king

Innocence pure with winter's silence

A new hope in the darkness

The light has come to conquer

And the darkness shan't prevail any longer

Hope is restored

From faith that is torn

Through winter so long in it's cold misery

Grace is within our trembling grasp once more

Now there is a flame to light the dim path

All from one beacon from a winter's past

Snow sparkling by light in majesty

Flame crackling bright yellow and orange

Reveals its own power in the late silent hours

Light glistening like fire

Upon pure snow's white

Song's of sleigh bells and carols

Always in your head or on your lips

The sound of sled tips landing on the roof

As proof of a dream

Saint Nick

The magical adult's trick

Noel is the children's day

Eyes lit with mystery of the packages lined up before them

Think of what mommy, daddy or Santa could've sent

Joy and kindness a nice warm fuzzy felling

As desires are met and fulfilled

Family is drawn together by eggnog and a tree

And the secret purchase and wrapping of presents before

Only hoping to please the ones you love

By holly and mistletoe

And the red glow of a nose

We are filled with a giving kind spirit

Others are more and we are less

Perhaps that is the best

I look upon the chill

The glow of the snow

By the colored lights on the tree

Or flickering candle

I try to find a reason

What is the true feeling of this season

Could it be the restored hope by grace from faith torn

All by a babe being born

Is it family and friends or our tree

By boughs of holly and sweet silver bells

The kindness, giving, unity, and magic lays within us

I don't know if I can see past this winter haze

Snowflakes fall in silence as my pen hits my pad

Street lights illuminates individual flakes letting them brighten

As the darker ones remain mysteries

The pane of my window contains ice

Shivering I draw my blanket around me

I yawn silently

Nothing stirs

All I have left to say is

Happy Holidays may some kind of spirit find you

Love You Always,