Amethystdawn: Hey this is my first poem. ^_^ It's based on a story I wrote
years ago, but threw away. I wrote a poem about that certain story a long
time ago too, but the paper I wrote it on got lost. SO here's what I can
somewhat remember what the poem's all about. I hope you like it. ^_^ Oh,
don't forget to review.


Pretty girl,
You lay on your bed,
A bloody pillow under
That sweet head.
A crimson stain
On the knife I bear,
A stab in your heart
I dare.
Your blue eyes
Shine no more,
Your golden hair
No glow it bore.
You were her favorite
That's the cause of all this
Your glittering smile
I don't miss.
All the love and attention
They're all for you,
They said you're an angel,
But that's not true.
You were a sneaky little rat,
A wolf in disguise,
A cheater who cheats,
And a liar who lies.
Mummy's wonderful angel,
That's what they said you were,
Well you aren't anymore,
You're dead on a cold November.