It's about wicca, so don't freak. Even if you don't like this please read it. If you can flame me for it after you read it and my notes at the bottom, then well I don't know what to say. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I pray to the goddess, in all her glory.

While you laugh, and say it's a story.

People have always feared what they cannot explain.

Were innocent people not tormented, even slain?

But that does not give you the right, To cause me pain.

You say then that I'm evil, and that I'm going to hell.

But your God still loves me, no lies can he tell.

But I am evil, I am dangerous.

When I speak of a beautiful dell.

People are so vain.

You take for granted every little thing.

When was the last time you stopped to hear a bird sing?

You live for money, power, and gold.

For a cross, for a church.

Where will you be?

When you grow old.

My gold is in the sun.

My silver is the moon.

My beauty from a song birds tune.

I see the life in all.

Winter and Summer.

From Spring until Fall.

Who says you are right?

That your words are just.

It is in people's words and threats of damnation that you trust.

My belief is all around.

From Spring flowers rising up from the ground.

Watch one grow and tell me I'm not right.

There is magic in the tiny bloom.

For this you tell me my doom.

You fear what you do not understand.

So you hate and fear me, for what I am.

If your angels can fall.

Please tell me why.

Can your demons not learn how to fly?

They are evil you say.

Worse than even the worst lost angels could ever stray.

Is you devil not an angel driven away?

Does not your religion tell.

That in fear, in hatred.

That whom you believe in now.

Was he not slain?

By people who did not wish to see.

Who feared him, though he was of peaceful ways.

Maybe we are not as different as you believe.

You tell of peace and love, in heaven above.

I see that here. When I see the faun of a deer.

Heaven is what you make it.

Don't wait for someone to take your life.

Make your heaven here.

In the gift we were given.

By your god or my goddess.

Let go of the fear.

Good and evil.

Light and dark.

Day and night.

Why? They are all gifts. All part of life.


This isn't meant to bash any religion. It's aimed at one person who would never read it. This person doesn't even know my beliefs. But apparently I'm going to hell because I'm friends with the sister of someone he believes is a witch. (She's not, by the way. But I am.)

This person alternatively yells at me and my friend in the hall way that we're going to hell, and that jesus loves us. "Jesus loves everyone even little bitches." Was his latest. I laugh at him though because he doesn't even know my name, or that I really am a wiccan. Some people can be so stupid. I don't mean to diss anyones religion though, I know not all Christians are like that, but I live in a very small, very hickish town.

Me and my friends generally tend to keep quiet about our religion. Their families don't approve of other religions, I think my mom would be ok. with it but my dad is kind of weird, his mom is strict religion. We joke about the linch mob we would get if we annouced it. So please don't take offense. I'm always looking fro good web sites and books on wicca though if you have any leave them in a review please.

Oh, wow that was longer than the actual poem, I'm sorry. r/r please.Flames welcome, they will be used to light my candles.