On the map of forever

Cast me away

I'm just going to die

Eventually one day

Take away the pieces

Make me whole again

No, on second thought, don't.

I need time to begin.

You can have my flesh and mind.

Steal my thoughts

Dance on my body

But I am not controlled in one part

I still have my soul.

God loves me.

That much is true.

I walk down the alley.

Sewage sprays in my face

And I wonder if mankind hates me.

Or if God one day said

Let no one be this child's friend.

These wings, they need stretching.

I need to feel something.

Love and caressing.

Stroke the white dove

Until she begins to bleed.

Rip me to shreds

Burn me away

I'm not what you think I am

And neither are you

Perhaps you'll find out somewhere



But go ahead,

While you still have power

Use it for evil

You've always wanted to.

And I'll sit alone

Crying to the four winds.

Why does anyone hate me?

Who really cares?

I'm supposed to be powerful

But the power isn't dark.

I stand alone on the brink of death.

I see the stones that fall.

The cliff is high.

I spread my arms in silent repose

Perhaps I'll fade away.

I fall back into tender sleep

My bruises fade.

My mind clears.

Childhood fears.

Ring around a rosy

Pocket full of ashes

Kill the child with words

Make her feel outcast

For being smart and pretty


The last.

No more will ever be born

Unless she gives birth to them

And even they won't be the same.

They'll be half and half.

One mind in this world,

The other in the next.

She doesn't know this world.

I open my mind to the silence.

A ringful of melodies play

Kill me now or don't.

Have courage or be a coward.

Your choice.

The blade wavers.

Come, you coward.

I thought you hated me.

But no, you're just jealous

Jealous of the melody.

You can't hear it, can you?

Smell or taste it on your lips?

The end is soon in coming.

You'll know it when you see

The chariots rising in the east.

I begin my mending

The scars fade away

Moonlight on dark shadows

Skin of white marble

Hair of golden sun.

Wings wrap around me.

I'm safe, again.

Hold me, daddy.

Cut me with your knife.

Make me bleed a thousand deaths.

My back is full of scars anyways.

The child looks at me,

Her blue eyes chalked with cold.

I embrace the girl.

White wings molt their feathers.

The hill becomes a valley.

Suddenly, the child and angel disappear

As one being walks forth.

A sad song cries to the breeze.

Her hair is torn.

She stands alone on the brink of forever.

Eyes drizzled with silver.

As the last knife is stabbed into her back,

I cry.

The rag doll no one wanted

Lays in the river.

I pick her up and cradle her.

This world is cruel and dangerous

It's minions many and few.

The wire runs into her body.

Her eyes close in peace.

Maybe this world is temporary.

Eternity in a boxed mind.

Emotions upon emotions

Blue ribbons in black fields

Sonnets yelled through trumpets

Wings used to mourn and heal.

The halo appears, cracked.

Can she look away?


She must not.

This is her duty, her calling.

Must I heal this world now?

I put my soul up for bargain.

The world on the other side of the scale.

She is born unlike the others.

History repeats itself.