Chapter 16

She groaned and turned her head to avoid the brightness of the suns light, of course this just made the pounding in her head increase. The pounding in her head wouldn't have been that bad if it were not somehow pounding in time with the dull ache that she was inflicted with every time she took a breath.

"Lady?" a voice whispered gently from beside the bed she currently lay in. "Do you wish some more of the medicine? The healer said you could have a small amount if the pain proved too much for you to handle"

She turned her head in the direction of the voice, fully opening her eyes as she did so. "No I can 'handle' the pain as you put it" she said forcing any evidence of pain from her voice "Help me up, the sooner I'm fit to travel the sooner she will pay for her actions"

"But Lady, the healer said you were not to sit up, let alone stand for at least another week" The maid that sat beside the bed looked at her mistress fearfully. It had been almost two months since she had been brought back to the keep that served as both home and headquaters of the Vessel of Night and his companions, she still remembered how fevered the Lady had been and how weakened the chest wound still left her.

The Lady struggled to prop herself up in bed, ignoring both pain and the maids concerns. She could feel beads of sweat on her brow but that did not concern her, the only thing that did was regaining her former fitness and killing her worthless excuse for a brother – indeed if he were not already dead already – and killing the one who had wounded her. The Companion of Light, the one called Rian.


The streets were crowded. But rather than the usual people populating it the streets were full of soldiers, their dark blue and forest green uniforms filling the streets in and around the main market area. It was whispered in the taverns that the king was preparing for war. What war people didn't know but they felt certain that their king would not leave in the dark about their new enemy for long. Not if he wanted to keep the peace that was.

She watched the soldiers from her room. They had gotten here too late and she laid the blame solely on the shoulders of her 'partner'. That said partner was currently sitting on the thin pallet that served as a bed. He was scowling and looked just about ready to tear the room apart from frustation."Jonel will you calm down" she said "Even if we did get here too late, at least now we are in a good position to relay important information to the Vessel"

The man's expression grew darker than before. "I will not be a spy Robyn, how many times do I have to tell you that before you believe me"

The woman, Robyn turned and smiled at him "Would you care to explain your objections to the Vessel?"

Jonel shook his head "I don't see how remaining here will help us when the damn soldiers leave this city"

"Valdis will still be here, as too will be the king, One of us must remain here to moniter them and since I'm in charge of this 'mission' I say you stay and be play the spy for us" Robyn smirked as she watched the conflicting emotions flicker across the blonde man's face. He was so very easy to manipulate if you knew what to look for.

"I have already obtained a position in the supply train, I will be able to relay troop positions with ease" Robyn gave a small laugh, oblivious to the rage that now rested upon Jonel's face. She turned back to the window, her eyes glinting with excitement. She neither heard the soft tread of Jonel coming up behind her or felt the sharp blow to the back of her head.

Jonel's expression changed from rage to joy as he watched the blood pool around his fellow Night's head "You my dear will remain here and 'spy' for the vessel – if you survive that is"


Aeron breathed in the fresh air and almost laughed with delight. In the week since she and Shiro had met up with Rune and the companions, she had never felt happier. "Certainly Shiro and Rune seem to be happier" she thought as she watched the brothers grin as they watched Nyko run yet again from a fuming Cyross. Rian saw her watching and grinning held up Cyross's sword which she had no doubt dared Nyko to steal.

They had left the Cipher's village two days after she and Shiro had arrived. She had been treated only as a equal from the companions, despite being the Vessel of Light and supposedly their leader, but that didn't worry her in the least. She knew she was not leader material and doubted she ever would be, just being part of a group of such interesting people was enough for her.

She did not want to think about the news that had come from the surrounding villages. The Vessel of Night's army had sacked the Tower of Light. Aeron had felt a strange sensation when she had heard that as if someone she knew was there and was now was in great danger. Cipher had thought that it could be the fifth and final member of the Companions of Light and once voiced Aeron knew what Cipher had said was true.

Thus the Rune, Shiro, the four companions of light and Aeron had set out towards the what was left of the Tower of Light and if luck was with them, the fifth companion, whoever he or she might be.



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