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The autumn leaves of the forest rustled gently against the breeze that flowed through the forest, creating a soft murmur that brushed the silence of the night with whispers of a dream-like aura. Villagers who live on the outskirts of the forest gossip cautiously of strange occurrences within the forest and of mysterious disappearances.

Footsteps silently approached the gloomy forest. A figure under a velvet, green hooded cape cradled a small bundle in her arms.

"My dear sweet baby" she murmured softly to the slumbering baby in her arms as she clutched the bundle tightly to her.

"I'm so sorry, if only if I could change the ways of men. I could have prevented these circumstances, but that is a fool's hope. I have no choice . . .I must let you go. I promise that one day, this will be all over, and you will return to me, my daughter," she kissed the top of the baby's forehead, hugging it close to her bosom began stirring restlessly.

She walked slowly towards a lifeless, gray tree. "Illuminate for me please, Grahedula," she quietly whispered. The tree unbent slightly and slowly created a vortex between its gray, flaky bark. As she got closer to the vortex, it revealed a city in lights and a distinctive red bridge in the background. When she put her foot forward, she was thrust from the forest to a deserted alley of the city, unnoticed by any of its denizens. Quickly striding with purpose, she walked to reach her predetermined destination.

When she stopped, she inspected the house before her. It was a pale yellow house with bay windows. Lit up with dazzling decorations of reindeer and a red-suited jolly looking man was on a sled, smiling and waving to no one in particular, the house looked like the perfect place for her daughter. Peeping through the window, she examined the tableau before her. A couple leaned on each other for warmth, comforted by the glow of the warm cheery fire in the fireplace. Colorful stockings lined the fireplace, warming the room with their own cheer.

Finally, the woman broke the silence. Her voice was gentle and sorrowful as she said, "John, I'm not getting any younger and since my operation, I've been thinking that we should just adopt a child. I don't want to watch children at the park when I'm sixty-five, wishing that I had raised a child when I still could."

He glanced at her, surprised, "I thought you didn't mind not having any children."

"I know I said I didn't mind, but now when I walk down the neighborhood, I feel a pang of regret when I see a child happily skipping down the block, without a care in the world." she said, trailing her fingers down his chest sadly.

"Well, if you feel that strongly about it, okay. We'll go right to the adoption center first thing in the morning, how about that?" he said soothingly.

As she nodded her approval, there was a brief period of silence before he asked, "What kind of child would you want, a boy or a girl?"

"Oh, I've never thought of what I wanted before." she said, "but now that I think about it, I want a girl, to dress and play with, and.and.oh, there is so much to do with a girl, I could tell her all of my childhood experiences. I want a girl." she said, a determined look appearing on her face.

Laughing, John conceded defeat, "Alright, Alright, I get your point, A girl it is then,"

Looking into such warm surroundings through the window, the hooded lady sighed a sigh that seemed to come from within the depths of her soul. Carefully placing her baby down on the doorstep, she magically uttered an archaic spell; she added a note on the baby. It read:

"The baby's name is Jewelra. Please look after her properly, with plenty of love and care. I trust that you will love and care for this child as your own. I ask you only to take care of my daughter until I am able to take her into my care again...I will ask for her when the time is right."

Kissing her baby for a final time, she rang the doorbell and ran back to the swirling vortex, unable to hold her tears and sobs in anymore.

Amazed at their mysterious midnight caller, John strode towards the door. To his surprise, when they opened the door, they saw the prettiest baby, smiling and cooing in her sleep.

"Oh John! Look, she's dressed a such beautiful clothes and she's so cute!" Kathy exclaimed.

"How do you know it's a girl?"

"John, use your eyes, have you seen any boys dressed in pink?" she said.

"Well." he said, a teasing look came into his eyes.

"Do be serious for once, who could have left her own baby at our doorstep?" she said.

"Look here, there's a note engraved into her clothes," said John.

Upon reading the note upon the sleeping babe, their eyes shone with all the love and happiness any new parents could encompass in their bosoms. The male picked up the baby as gently as possible, careful not to awaken this precious treasure that was bestowed upon them.